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U.S. Coast Guard Birthday: 4 Coast Guard Legends You Need to Know

Let’s Greet Our Coast Guard a Happy 232nd Birthday!

August 4th is a special date for the oldest branch of our nation’s military, the U.S. Coast Guard. It was on that date in 1790 when the Coast Guard was formed.

Since then, the Coast Guard has been playing a vital role in national security by keeping our waterways safe. Coast Guard service members perform a range of maritime duties — patrolling our coasts to foil drug smugglers and human traffickers, conducting search and rescue missions, and protecting our marine environment, to name a few.

As a first responder and humanitarian service provider, the Coast Guard assists those whose lives are in peril at sea or ashore. When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and surrounding areas in August 2005, about 35,000 people were rescued from their flooded homes, thanks to the brave men and women of our Coast Guard.

No doubt, our Coast Guard servicemen and servicewomen deserve recognition and honor this 4th of August as we celebrate the military branch’s 232nd birthday. Let’s show them some love for all that they do.


Get to Know These Coast Guard Heroes

Our Coast Guard has seen plenty of heroes in its ranks. Kids Car Donations puts the spotlight on four of those heroes who rose to the challenges presented by extraordinary circumstances:

  1. Douglas Munro

Signalman Douglas A. Munro is known as the ultimate hero of the Coast Guard. During the Battle of Guadalcanal in September 1942, he commanded a fleet of Higgins boats and coordinated the evacuation of over 500 Marines who came under heavy Japanese fire. Munro used his boat as a shield to draw fire. Sadly, he was fatally wounded during the evacuation. His final words proved that he’s truly an American hero: “Did they get off?”

  1. William Flores

When the USCG cutter Blackthorn collided with a tanker in Tampa Bay, Florida, in January 1980, seaman apprentice William Flores, who was just 18 and a year out of boot camp, sacrificed his life to save others. As the cutter began sinking, he and another crewmember threw lifejackets to their shipmates who had jumped into the water. When his companion abandoned the ship, Flores stayed behind to make sure everyone else made it out alive. He strapped the lifejacket locker open using his belt, allowing extra lifejackets to float to the surface.  He also assisted trapped shipmates and comforted those who were injured and disoriented.

These extraordinary acts earned him the Coast Guard’s highest posthumous non-combat award, the Coast Guard Medal.

  1. Thomas “Jimmy” Crotty

The first Coast Guard prisoner of war, Lt. Thomas Crotty served at the front lines of the Battle of Corregidor during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines. Crotty supervised army personnel manning a howitzer until he surrendered on May 6th, 1942. He was captured by the Japanese and taken to Cabanatuan Prison where he spent his last days.

  1. Nathan Bruckenthal

In April 2004, Petty Officer Nathan Bruckenthal and a team including Navy and Coast Guard personnel intercepted a small dhow in the North Arabian Gulf. As they attempted to board the boat, a bomb was detonated by one of the terrorists aboard, wounding Bruckenthal and other service members. Bruckenthal eventually died from his wounds.


You Can Be a Hero, Too in Your Own Way

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Do Something Heroic Today!

Do Something Heroic Today | Kids Car Donations

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