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Our Nonprofit Partners

If you make a vehicle donation to Kids Car Donations, the proceeds generated from the sale of your donated vehicle will go to the right people. We pass the funds on to the charities that we are in close partnership with so that they can use the money to cover all costs related to the delivery of their services for the benefit of kids who are confronted with serious medical conditions.

With our combined efforts, we can transform an unneeded and unwanted vehicle into a life-changing instrument that can give these kids the motivation and the encouragement they need to fight for their lives. We are extremely honored to be in partnership with:

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Songs of Love Foundation

Founded by John Beltzer in 1996, this nonprofit 501(c)3 organization creates and produces uplifting and personalized songs for kids and teens who are facing tough medical challenges free of charge. Each song features lyrics that mention the child’s name and details about the people, pets, hobbies, and places that he likes best. Performed by professional singers according to the child’s favorite musical style whether it’s rap, pop, r&b, rock, jazz, etc., these songs will surely put a smile back on a sick child’s face.

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Children’s National

We honor a mission that goes back more than a century, and embody a vision and core values that go forward just as far: to bring health and well-being to all children. As the nation’s children’s hospital, the mission of Children’s National Health System is to excel in Care, Advocacy, Research and Education. We accomplish this through: Providing a quality health care experience for our patients and families; Improving health outcomes for children regionally, nationally and internationally; Leading the creation of innovative solutions to pediatric health challenges. We also know that making diversity and inclusion a priority is critical to achieving our mission.

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Latched Support

Latched Support transforms communities through babies, women, and families by providing access to vital health services, quality education, critical material assistance, and advocacy. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization eligible for tax-deductible donations. Latched Support offers services such as breastfeeding assistance, material assistance, and parenting classes.

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Interested in becoming a Preferred Partner of Kids Car Donations?

Partnership with Kids Car Donations is only possible with certified 501(c)3 nonprofits that work hard for the welfare of children in the United States. Partnership with us means enjoying the following benefits:

Quick and Painless Launching Process

Regardless of your organization’s size, you can be sure that our car programs will work for you. Aside from the fact that your program will be launched in a matter of minutes, you can count on us to assist you all the way through the process.

Increased Fundraising income

With vehicle donations, expect a significant growth in your current fundraising. Your donors will have an added option to support your cause without you worrying about additional overhead costs.

Maximized Profits From Donated Vehicles

You’ll get the most profit for each donated vehicle because of our wide network of vehicle liquidation vendors such as public/private auctions, recyclers, and scrap dealers all over the country.

100% Free Registration

Signing up is free. There are no upfront, ongoing, or hidden costs. Plus, we won’t lock you into a long-term contract and you’re free to cancel anytime.

Regular Comprehensive Reporting

Aside from receiving every vehicle proceeds check along with the details about each donation, expect to receive transparent reports based on your requested intervals as well.

Be Eco-Friendly

We’re interested in going green by reducing air and water pollution as well as greenhouse emissions, saving energy, reusing environmentally sensitive substances, and conserving natural resources.

What Services will Kids Car Donations Partners Enjoy?

How Can You Get Started?

It takes less than 2 minutes to register! Fill out our Partner Registration Form below to embark on a journey toward smarter fundraising together with Kids Car Donations!

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