Fleet Vehicle Donations

Donate Your Fleet Vehicles & Make a Massive Impact!

No need to have your company stuck with an old fleet of vehicles after they’ve hit their expiration date. No need to spend ages disposing of every one of these unwanted vehicles, either.

So, what’s the solution? Easy. Kids Car Donations. We offer the perfect win-win to your problem. Donate your old fleet vehicles to benefit sick children across the United States.

Donating your fleet vehicles will instantly eliminate the expensive and grueling tasks of repairing, restoring, advertising, and selling your used company vehicles. Not to mention, your charitable contributions will cause you to reap BIG financial rewards. What’s more, you’ll receive heaps of good karma for supporting a worthy cause!

We make fleet vehicle donations incredibly easy for you. You can count on Kids Car Donations to handle everything with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. We’ll do all the work – from scheduling the free pickup of your fleet to sending you your tax receipts.

Why Fleet Vehicle Donations are Beneficial to Your Company

It Can Enhance Your Company’s Reputation

Did you know that by donating your fleet you can increase the public opinion of your organization in your community? Let the world know what you’ve done and you could receive free favorable press and social media mentions. People like knowing that the companies they spend their money with have a heart and are about more than just numbers and sales. Donating your used fleet humanizes your company.

It Can Deliver Large Financial Gains

Your fleet vehicle donations are 100% tax-deductible with Kids Car Donations. Give your company’s tax professional a call to learn more about how donating your end-of-life fleet vehicles can boost your bottom line come tax time. They’ll be able to give you sound advice pertaining to your specific organization’s financial situation and be able to tell you what you can expect.

Fleet Vehicle Donations That We’ll Gladly Receive

Below are just a few common examples of fleet vehicle donations we can accept. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (866) 634-8395 if you have another type of vehicle. Almost all vehicle types, whether running or otherwise, are acceptable fleet vehicle donations.

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • Buses
  • SUVs

Donating Fleet Vehicles is Quick and Painless

Once you’ve determined which fleet vehicles are to be donated to Kids Car Donations, give us a call. Want to know what happens after you call? Here’s what you can expect from the donation process:

  1. When you call (866) 634-8395, one of our friendly donation specialists will ask for the details of your fleet vehicles – such as make and model.
  2. Then, we’ll arrange a schedule for your fast and free pickup based on your preferred time, date, and location of the vehicles.
  3. Next, we’ll sell your fleet vehicles at auction.
  4. Once sold, we’ll send you the paperwork needed for tax purposes and you’re done!

Support Ailing Kids and Teens Today!

Why waste more time and money trying to dispose of your fleet vehicles yourself when you can leave all the heavy lifting to Kids Car Donations? If you’ll decide to make fleet vehicle donations through our service, countless sick children and teens will thank you for your generous donation.

Questions? Call us at (866) 634-8395 now!

Looking to Donate Another Vehicle Type?

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