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Any boat, old or new, running or not, can be used as a tool to help sick children and their families. If you have a jet ski or a barely functioning motorboat that’s been sitting still for quite some time, why not just donate it to Kids Car Donations? When you donate a boat to charity, you can transform the lives of children across America!

Getting rid of an unwanted water vessel by donating it makes more sense than selling it. Besides, no one wants to waste their time looking for buyers disguised as tire kickers or low-ballers.

When you donate a no-longer-wanted boat, you provide funds for nonprofits that aim to improve the lives of sick kids all over the nation. Your generous act makes it possible for these kids to face their medical issues with positivity and a brave heart.


Types of Watercraft We Accept

We accept many types of vessels, regardless of their age and working order. As long as your boat can still generate funds, we’ll be more than happy to have it.

Boat donations for kids are accepted in all 50 states. Common accepted vehicles include those such as:

In case you’re wondering, we are very much open to multiple boat donations. We definitely can’t say “no” to those! The more, the merrier.


A Simple Donation Process Just for You

Here at Kids Car Donations, we strive to make our donors feel comfortable and at ease when it comes to helping kids with boat donations.

We know that dealing with paperwork can be tiresome and stressful, and looking for an affordable towing service is no fun, either. This is why we’ve decided to take these burdensome tasks off your hands.

Are you wondering “how do I donate my boat?” Here’s how our boat donation program works:

  1. Get in touch with us. Ready to donate an old boat? Just give us a call or fill out our online donation form below.
  2. We tow away your watercraft – at no cost to you. We coordinate with a local towing company to take care of the hauling.
  3. Expect a tax receipt within a few weeks. After we auction off your boat donation, we mail you a tax-deductible receipt. With this document, you’re all set  to claim your tax deduction!

Want to learn more about who we are, vehicle donations, or anything in particular? Visit our FAQs page or ask us directly at (866) 634-8395.


Start Saving Lives Today

Thousands of sick children need your help. A simple act of a boat donation can mean the world for them. Be a hero and donate now! 


Looking to Donate Another Vehicle Type?

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Child Poverty in the U.S.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 16% to 18% of American kids live in poverty, or 11 million-plus children across the country. High poverty rates can be found in states such as Louisiana, New Mexico, Mississippi and West Virginia. In these states, there are more than one-fifth of kids living in poverty. 

These disadvantaged children often have a lack of access to education and health care in addition to experiencing food insecurity and limited opportunities. This is why donating to charities that support kids in need is essential, so they can improve their lives. 



How can a boat donation help sick children and their families?

When you contribute to our boat donation program, you’ll provide funding for nonprofits that help improve the lives of disadvantaged and sick children as well as their families. These children are then able to receive medical treatment, access to education resources and more.  

What types of watercraft are accepted for donation?

We accept a wide range of vessels for our boat donation program, no matter their age or condition. Common donations include sailboats, jet skis, cabin cruisers, aluminum boats, fishing boats and more. Kids Car Donations accepts boats in all 50 states. 

Is the donation process complicated?

No. In fact, we are proud to offer an easy and straightforward boat donation process. When you’re ready to make a boat donation, simply give us a call or fill out our online donation form. We’ll schedule for your boat to be picked up and towed by a local company at no cost to you. Once your vessel is auctioned off, we’ll send you a tax-deductible receipt via mail. 

How can boat donations make a difference?

Boat donations can help make a difference for children across America. They fund nonprofits that help improve the lives of disadvantaged kids. This is achieved by providing them with access to basic needs, medical treatment, education and other programs that enhance their quality of life.  

Can multiple boat donations be made?

Yes, multiple vessels can be donated to our boat donation program. In fact, the more funds that are generated, the more support disadvantaged and sick children can receive.

How can individuals learn more about boat donations and Kids Car Donations?

To learn more about us and our boat donation program, visit our FAQs page or reach out to us at (866) 634-8395.

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