General information

Why should I donate my vehicle to Kids Car Donations?

Donating your old or unwanted vehicle to Kids Car Donations allows you to make a powerful impact in the lives of children and teens who are fighting serious health conditions.
You can also reduce your taxable income, eliminate the hassles associated with selling your vehicle, and quit paying for car insurance, registration, and repairs. Not only that, you get free pickup and towing services as well.

What vehicles can I donate?

Can I make multiple donations?

You certainly can! There’s no limit to the number of vehicles that you can donate. The more vehicles you donate, the more kids we can help!

Can I donate a car that doesn’t run?

In most cases, we can accept vehicles that don’t run. To find out if your vehicle makes the cut, give us a call at (866) 634-8395.

Can I donate an abandoned vehicle?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept abandoned vehicles. This is because we need proof of ownership of the vehicle. If you find an abandoned car, we recommend either notifying the police or calling your local junkyard.

Can I donate a vehicle that didn’t or wouldn’t pass the emissions test?

Of course! We gladly accept vehicles that failed the state emissions test.

Is there anything that I will need to pay for?

Not at all! You won’t need to shell out a single penny for towing services or donation processing. Everything’s free for you!

What will Kids Car Donations do to my vehicle after I donate it?

After we pick up your vehicle donation, we’ll sell it at auction. After the vehicle is sold, we’ll send you your tax-deductible receipt. Most importantly, our nonprofit partners receive critical funding for their programs and services that help the children of our great nation.

Do you accept vehicle donations anywhere in the U.S.?

Absolutely! We pick up vehicles in all 50 states!

How do the children nonprofit organizations benefit from my donation?

The proceeds generated by your vehicle donation being sold at auction go directly to funding the vital programs and services offered by the nonprofits to benefit children throughout the United States. To learn more, visit our About Us and Our Nonprofits pages.

How much do the nonprofits receive after my donated vehicle is sold at auction?

Proceeds that are generated from the resale of your donated vehicle will go directly to our nonprofit partners. There is, however, a handling fee that must be deducted from those proceeds. This fee covers the cost of towing services, any repairs made to the vehicle, auction fees, and administrative costs.

What are my donation benefits?

As a donor, you’ll enjoy a large tax deduction, FREE pick-up and towing at a time and place of your preference, and a quick and painless car donation process! Not only that, you can stop paying for repairs, maintenance, insurance, and registration of an unwanted vehicle! You can also avoid the costs involved in selling your car!

Do I get a receipt?

You will be given two receipts. First, a tow receipt will be handed to you on the day of pick-up. This document would release you from all liability from that point forward. Then, you will also receive your tax-deductible receipt within 30 days after your vehicle is sold at auction.

How does the donation process go?

Our 3-step vehicle donation process is as easy as pie! First, you either fill out our secure online donation form here or call us at (866) 634-8395. Next, you  schedule your vehicle’s free pick-up. Lastly, you receive your tax receipt and use it to get your big tax deduction come tax time!

How do I check on the status of my donation?

You can check on your donation’s status by calling us at (866) 634-8395.


How do I schedule a pickup?

Easy. Just talk to one of our friendly car donation specialists by calling (866) 634-8395 and let us know what date and time is most convenient for you.

Who will pick my vehicle up?

Your vehicle will be towed away by a professional towing company in your local area.

How much will I need to pay for pickup and towing?

How long will it take for my vehicle to be picked up?

It’s difficult for us to give you the exact length of time, but we usually pick up donated cars within 1 or 2 business days. If you want your car to be picked up sooner than that, you can easily make special arrangements with our team.

Do I have to be present when on the day of pickup?

No, your presence on the day of pickup is not required. If you choose not to be present at the time of pickup, you must let the towing company know where to locate your vehicle’s keys and title.

Can my vehicle be picked up somewhere other than my home?

Yes! We can pick up vehicles from almost any location within the United States. Whether your vehicle is at your work, a repair shop, or at your home, we can most likely pick it up.

What will happen after my vehicle is picked up?

We recommend that you notify your local DMV that your vehicle has been donated. One way you can do this is by presenting the donation receipt handed to you by the professional towing company. You will also want to use this document to cancel your vehicle’s insurance coverage, if applicable.

Tax Deduction Questions

Is my donation tax deductible?

It sure is! Our nonprofit partners are all IRS certified 501(c)3 charities. This means your vehicle donation(s) are 100% tax deductible.

How can I claim my tax deduction?

You must itemize deductions on your federal tax return. Using the tax-deductible receipt that we’ll send you by mail, you will then be able to claim your tax deduction. Remember that your charitable deduction only applies for the tax year during which you submitted your donation.
If you have additional questions regarding your individual taxes, we encourage you to consult your tax professional.

How is my vehicle’s value determined?

If your vehicle is sold at auction for less than $500, you can claim a tax deduction up to $500.
If, on the other hand, your vehicle sells for over $500 at auction, you may claim the actual sale price. To do this, you must submit the IRS form 1098c – which you can receive from Kids Car Donations by calling and requesting it.
If you have additional questions regarding your individual taxes, we encourage you to consult your tax professional.

When can I expect to receive my tax receipt?

You can expect to receive your tax receipt by mail within 30 days after the sale of your vehicle.

Title and Registration Questions

What paperwork will I need to donate a vehicle?

To donate, we will need proof of ownership. We’ll need your vehicle’s signed title that’s free of all liens. Kindly include the original lien release if a lien is listed on the front of the title. If you’ve lost or misplaced your title, you can call (866) 634-8395 to have one of our Title Experts assist you in securing a duplicate title from the local motor vehicle department.

How do I transfer my vehicle’s title?

Generally, all that we require is that you print and sign your name in the “seller’s” section on the title. However, each state has different requirements – not to mention, certain vehicle types have different requirements .
Don’t fret though. By just giving our experienced Title Specialists a call at (866) 634-8395, we’ll be able to tell you exactly what you need to do for your situation, your state, and your vehicle type.

How do I know if my vehicle’s title is clear and transferable?

Your vehicle’s title is clear and transferable on the following conditions: (1) If your name is clearly printed on the title with no errors or cross outs, (2) if your vehicle is cleared of all liens as reflected on the lien release that’s provided by the bank, or (3) if the lien listed on your title is signed off on the title. For additional questions, feel free to call us at (866) 634-8395.

Can I donate a vehicle even if it’s not registered in my name?

Yes, you can. However, we may require additional documents. By calling (866) 634-8395, we’ll be able to tell you exactly what is needed in your particular case.

What do I do with my vehicle’s license plates?

In certain states, you can leave your car’s license plates on when the tower comes to pick it up. However, in most states, you’ll be asked to remove your license plates prior to the tower arriving so that you can give these back to your local motor vehicle department.

Can I still donate my vehicle even if my name’s been changed since the vehicle was titled?

Yes, you can. You’ll only need to sign the title as it’s shown on the front of the title. Our Title Experts can explain the process in more detail. Just call us at (866) 634-8395. We’re happy to help you.

Would the signatures of two people be needed if both names are listed on the title?

In most cases, both individuals whose names are listed on the title must sign the document as the sellers. However, if there is an “or” between the names on the title, only one signature may be needed. For more information about this, please reach us at (866) 634-8395.

Can I donate a car whose owner is deceased?

Yes. However, different rules apply in different states. This usually requires a copy of the owner’s death certificate, signed title, and executor rights paperwork.
It would be best if you contact us at (866) 634-8395 so that we may talk you through the process and what documents are needed.

Can I still donate my vehicle even if I lost the title?

If you’ve lost your title, give one of our Title Specialists a call at (866) 634-8395 so that we can help you get a replacement title.

Should I notify my local motor vehicle department when I donate a vehicle?

It depends on your state’s requirements. We’ll be able to tell you exactly what is required of you by your state. Feel free to call us at (866) 634-8395 with additional questions.

Do my vehicle need to be insured before I can donate it?

No, your vehicle does not need to be insured to donate it to Kids Car Donations.

Will Kids Car Donations be responsible for any and all liability during the donation process?

Yes, our insurance coverage applies to your vehicle once we pick it up. Before the tow truck drives away with your vehicle, the tower will give you a receipt that releases you from any and all liability from that point on wards. Our team will handle all transfer documents according to the requirements of your state.
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