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Kid With An Injured Dog | Kids Car Donations

6 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

These Furry Friends Are Great Additions to Your Family Getting a pet for your kids is a big decision that entails a huge responsibility for your family. Once you’ve decided to get one, the next question would be which animal will fit well with your brood. Many American families have dogs. A 2020 survey conducted …

Kid Talking to His Father | Kids Car Donations

October 22nd — International Stuttering Awareness Day: 5 Myths You Shouldn’t Fall For

Separate Stuttering Facts from Fiction Did you know that stuttering affects more than 3 million Americans and 70 million people across the globe? Despite these glaring figures, stuttering remains one of the most misunderstood communication disorders. For this reason, we observe the International Stuttering Awareness Day each year on October 22nd to erase the stigma …

Driving a Car in an Afternoon | Kids Car Donations

3 Best Vehicles for Commuting: 2021 Edition

The Top Commuter Cars That Are Bang for Your Buck Commuting is part of our daily lives. Unless you can just walk from your home to your office or the supermarket, you only have limited options to get there, one of which is by driving your car. Some people love driving their commuter car to …

Two Kids Having Fun with Books | Kids Car Donations

6 Book Recommendations to Help Your Child Make Friends

These Books Can Help Your Kid Overcome Their Shyness Is your child having difficulty making friends? Are they having trouble interacting with others at school or playtime? If you think that your kid needs a bit of help in connecting to their peers, you can ease the process by guiding them through it. Talk to …

Parent Teaches Kid Handwashing | Kids Car Donations

October 15 — Global Handwashing Day: 5 Common Slip-Ups People Make When Washing Their Hands

Here’s How You Can Improve Your Handwashing Skills Did you know that people touch their faces anywhere between 23 to 50 times in an hour? If you don’t want to contaminate your eyes, nose, or mouth, you’d want to recommit to proper handwashing. When done right, this can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and …

Harry Potter Collectibles | Kids Car Donations

5 Things We Can Learn From Harry Potter: Life Lessons We Can Adopt in Real Life

Build the Foundations for Bravery, Friendship, and Acceptance with These Books Since the first Harry Potter book (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) was published in 1997, the franchise has sold over 500 million books worldwide, inspiring eight movies and two spinoffs, a stage play, Harry Potter theme parks, video games, and hundreds of best-selling …

Kids Giving Respect to Elderly | Kids Car Donations

3 Life Lessons Every Child Should Learn

 Help Your Kids Grow Up to Become More Responsible Adults The first lessons our children learn are taught inside the four corners of our homes. We’re the first teachers to our children. From their first words to how they brush their teeth, we serve as the foundations for our children’s learning. Learning life lessons early …

College Student Driving a Car | Kids Car Donations

3 Best Vehicles for College Students

Selection Based on Their Affordability, Reliability, and Practicality While not every college student needs a car (you can graduate without it!), having their own ride can make traveling easier and more comfortable for them, especially if their university is a considerable distance from home. Keep in mind, however, that deciding to buy your college kid …

People Playing Scrabble | Kids Car Donations

7 Mental Exercises You Can Do to Improve Your Focus

These Workouts Can Sharpen Your Brain Sometimes, we get so caught up with our busy lives that we lose our ability to focus as well as we used to. Age can be another factor, with research revealing that brains change and deteriorate over time, especially if we’re under stress most of the time. The good …

Father Starting a Conversation with His Kid | Kids Car Donations

5 Fun Conversation Starters for Kids

Know Your Child Better This Way Parents always feel like they know their kids from head to toe. From their favorite foods and television shows to the clothes they love to wear, we’re so tightly bonded with our kids that we feel like they’re a literal part of us. However, we need to realize that …

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