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Grateful Kid Receives a Gift | Kids Car Donations

How to Teach Your Children Gratitude

3 Tips on How to Instill Gratitude in the Hearts of Your Kids Being grateful is more than just saying “thank you.” It’s not just something that we say or feel. It’s a deliberate decision we make. You express gratefulness not only for the major successes you’ve achieved but also for the little wins and …

Shy Kid Hiding with a Book | Kids Car Donations

6 Tips to Help Your Child Overcome Their Shyness

Help Your Kid Come Out of Their Shell By Building Their Self-Confidence Most kids are full of energy and easily make friends. Whether it is on a play date, at the park, or any other place, children can pretty much strike up a conversation with each other and find friends quickly. However, not all children …

Kid Wall Climbing | Kids Car Donations

Fun DIY Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained at Home

Unleash Their Creativity While Killing Boredom at the Same Time! It’s year two of the pandemic and your little ones are getting more and more restless by the day. Not a day goes by that you can’t hear them breathe a sigh of boredom, or them saying, “I’m bored!” Well, it’s about time you shake …

Driving a Car in an Afternoon | Kids Car Donations

5 Common Car Noises and What They Could Mean

Listen Carefully When Your Car Tells You Something Isn’t Right Unless you’re ready to plunk more money into another big repair, you need to learn how to pay close attention to the noises that your car makes. Whether it’s a clunk, a clank, or a squeal, resist the urge to turn up your radio to …

Car Temperature Control | Kids Car Donations

4 Possible Reasons Why Your Car A/C Is Blowing Hot Air

Don’t Shrug Off This Telltale Sign Lest Your Air Conditioning System Fall Apart Your car’s air conditioner is meant to provide you with coolness and comfort on your ride. But if your A/C is blowing hot air instead of cold, there is something wrong with your auto. Not only does this spell discomfort for you and …

Parked Car in Summer Heat | Kids Car Donations

5 Most Common Summer Car Problems

Avoid These Seasonal Issues and Keep Your Auto in Tip-Top Shape Keeping your car in good shape is important during any season. However, you should be extra mindful about the condition of your auto during summer since common car issues often occur when the weather is hot. It may come as a surprise to you …

Father Talking to His Child | Kids Car Donations

How to Deal with Your Child’s Negative Self-Talk

3 Tips on How Best to Respond to a Frustrated Child’s Behavior Nobody wants to hear their child say, “I can’t do this because I’m so stupid,” or, “Nobody wants to be friends with me because I’m a loser.” Parents are generally aware that these damaging statements can take a huge toll on their children’s …

Kids Enjoying the Long Drive | Kids Car Donations

4 Things to Keep Your Kids Occupied During a Long Drive

Keep Your Sanity by Keeping Your Kids Entertained! Hitting the open road on your way to a vacation destination can easily be one of the most exciting things that anyone would love to experience. However, going on a road trip with kids is another story. Whether you like it or not, confining your little ones …

Gathering Crops in Field | Kids Car Donations

CSA Basics: How Does It Work and How Do I Join One?

Get to Know This Win-Win Program for Farmers and Consumers Thousands of families throughout the country have been joining CSA, or community-supported agriculture. Are you wondering what this program is all about? CSA, which started in 1980, is a partnership between farmers and consumers. The latter get directly involved in making sure the season’s harvest …

Woman Calling Car Insurance | Kids Car Donations

National Insurance Awareness Day: 4 Compelling Reasons Why You Need to Be Insured

Review Your Coverage on June 28th Insurance is an important tool to help you protect yourself against adverse and unexpected developments beyond your control. It offers you security in times of illness, accidents, damages, or even death. It can have a variety of coverages depending on your policy. It can also protect your property, which …

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