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Kids Playing with Sparklers | Kids Car Donations

Fireworks Safety Month: Know The Dangers!

Fireworks Safety Month: Know the Dangers this July – These Safety Tips Can Save Your Life It’s been a sort of tradition that fireworks always go together with celebrations. This is especially true during Independence Day in the U.S. on the 4th of July when the night sky is lit up with dazzling fireworks displays. …

Parent Feeding Her Child | Kids Car Donations

6 Ways of Becoming the Best Parent for Your Kids

Build a Strong Foundation for Your Family this Purposeful Parenting Month of July Parents play the biggest role in their children’s lives. When you were young, your parents were your first teachers, providing you with the foundations that you would need as you grow up. They provided you unconditional love and support in every step …

Baby Holding a Cone of Ice Cream | Kids Car Donations

3 Ways To Scream For Ice Cream

3 Ways to Scream for Ice Cream: Celebrate National Ice Cream Month this July with These Fun Ideas It may surprise you to know that your favorite frozen dessert has an entire month devoted to the appreciation and enjoyment of its yummy and creamy goodness. Yes, you read that right! July is National Ice Cream …

Kid Celebrates 4th of July | Kids Car Donations

How to Celebrate this Year’s Independence Day in a Meaningful Way

How to Celebrate this Year’s Independence Day in a Subdued Yet Meaningful Way – Don’t Let the Pandemic Dampen Your Fourth of July Plans Independence Day, or the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday that’s celebrated with much fanfare in the United States. Year after year, we celebrate the holiday with huge barbecue parties, …

Art Craft Materials | Kids Car Donations

Fun and Easy 4th of July Crafts

Get Crafty on America’s Birthday! You’ll have to agree that everything else looks better with stars and stripes on the 4th of July. To celebrate our nation’s upcoming Independence Day, why not allow your kids to join you in doing fun and easy arts and crafts that have something to do with the 4th of …

Person Carrying a Plastic Bag | Kids Car Donations

4 Cool Ways to Celebrate International Plastic Bag Free Day

4 Cool Ways to Celebrate International Plastic Bag Free Day: Start Saving Mother Earth on July 3rd! You’ve probably seen photos of marine animals dying due to their consumption of plastic debris in oceans teeming with such rubbish. Even on local beaches, you’ve probably seen plastic bags, bottles, and packages strewn all over. These eventually …

UFO Sighting | Kids Car Donations

Alien Appreciation: Best Ways to Celebrate World UFO Day

Alien Appreciation: 4 Best Ways to Celebrate World UFO Day: Feel Free to Connect with UFO Believers on July 2nd If you’ve always been fascinated with the alleged existence of aliens and life outside our world, there is no better day to connect with like-minded enthusiasts than on World UFO Day this July 2nd. World …

Kids Laughing Out Loud | Kids Car Donations

3 Ways to Celebrate International Joke Day

3 Ways to Celebrate International Joke Day Making jokes is a sure-fire way to make people laugh and have fun. Jokes help us forget our worries for a while as we let off giggles, belly laughs, or sharp expletives sometimes. In recognition of the benefits of jokes, the first day of July each year is …

Kid Showing Excitement | Kids Car Donations

How to Know if Your Child is Ready for Summer Camp

These 5 Tell-Tale Signs Will Show Whether Your Kid Is Ready to Go Camping For parents, children are precious possessions who they would like to keep safe and sound at all times. There’s always this feeling of wanting to keep your babies close to home and away from harm, even though they’re technically not babies …

Family Grilling Together | Kids Car Donations

5 Useful Tips for Summer Grilling Safety

5 Useful Tips for Summer Grilling Safety: Avoid Getting Burned and Starting a Fire It feels awesome to be in front of the grill. You delight in the smell of burgers being cooked, the sizzle you see and hear as the fat drips into the flames, and of course, the taste-testing of your sausages, kebabs, …

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