Support Sickly Kids in Mississippi With an Old Clunker

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An act as simple as contributing to our program for car donations in Mississippi can mean the world to thousands of children struggling with serious medical conditions. If you’d like to see smiling faces of little ones in your hometown, all you gotta do is donate your no-longer-used vehicle to us!

We at Kids Car Donations in Mississippi have a passion to help these young boys and girls the best way possible. Along with the Songs of Love Foundation, we want to make sure that they get all the support they can when they go through their ordeals. That’s why we take your vehicles and use them to fund the child-focused nonprofit organization.

For every car donated, a suffering child gets better. Want to be a part of the cause? Continue reading below to find out everything you must know.


A Quick and Convenient Way of Donating

Choosing to take part in our program for car donations in Mississippi is a decision you won’t regret. You might even want to do it again once you experience our stress-free donation process. Plus, a lucrative tax write-off is something you just can’t refuse, right?

Here at Kids Car Donations in Mississippi, we only want the best for both beneficiaries and donors. Since your donation is more than enough, we feel that it’s our job to take care of everything else for you, including the paperwork. We’ll also handle the towing for you, and don’t worry, it’s on us!

To find out what it’s like to donate a car in Mississippi to us, check out the guide below.

  1. Contact us. There are two ways to reach us: call us at 866-634-8395 or simply complete our online donation form. Prepare to give us specific details about your car, including its make and model. We’ll also be asking you for the time and location you prefer for pickup.
  2. Part ways with your car. Expect the tow truck in your territory (or at the specified place) a day or two later. Before our driver leaves with your towed vehicle, he will be handing you a tow receipt. With this receipt, you can finally revoke your car’s insurance and registration at the DMV.
  3. Your Mississippi car donation gets sold. We’ll be placing your donated vehicle up for auction once we have it with us. All funds will go to Songs of Love, enabling them to start their projects for the young beneficiaries.
  4. A tax receipt arrives in your mailbox. Several days or weeks after we sold your auto donation, we’ll deliver your tax receipt to your address. Make sure not to lose it, as you’ll need the document to claim your tax deductions.

For more information on our donation process or tax deductions, feel free to have a look at our FAQs page here.


Kinds of Vehicles for Kids Car Donations

While other car donation programs in Mississippi would not take damaged or non-working vehicles, we’re happy to tell you that we’re not one of them. We don’t even have a certain preference when it comes to the models or types of vehicles. If you wish to give us a pretty rundown camper, or a van with a few dents, go ahead!

The only vehicles we can’t accept are ones that are abandoned or stolen. Anything with the title of ownership is as good as ours. If you don’t have your car’s title anymore, contact your local DMV for assistance.

We accept a wide range of vehicles as car donations in Mississippi. Check them out.

  • Standard vehicles: sedans, compact cars, SUVs, classic cars, convertibles, sports cars
  • Motorcycles: sports bikes, dirt bikes, mopeds, cruisers, touring bikes, scooters
  • Recreational vehicles: campers, motorhomes, travel trailers, hybrid trailers, popup trailers, five wheelers
  • Specialty vehicles: ATVs, riding lawnmowers, golf carts, farm equipment, motorized wheelchairs, snowmobiles
  • Fleet vehicles: trucks, toy haulers, buses, vans, taxis, minivans
  • Watercrafts: jet skis, cruise ships, catamaran boats, ferries, pontoon boats, motorboats, yachts
  • Air vessels: private planes, jet planes, gliders, helicopters, choppers

Not sure if your clunker qualifies for our Mississippi car donation program? Talk to us! We’re almost certain we’ll take it!


Benefits from Your Mississippi Car Donation

Now that you already know everything you should know about our donation process and the vehicles we usually accept, this is the part where we tell you about the wonderful things to come out of your generous deed.

When you donate a car in Mississippi to Kids Car Donations, expect a number of perks such as the following:

  • Get rid of an unwanted vehicle without spending a dollar. Since we have our own towing service, there’s no need for you to shell out some cash from your wallet anymore.
  • No paperwork involved. Count on us to take care of your tax documents!
  • Start saving money. With your car no longer in your possession, you can finally stop worrying about paying again and again for its maintenance or restoration.
  • Avoid the hassles of selling and advertising. Looking for interested prospects can take a lot of time, especially if it involves a used or damaged automobile. Added by the fact that you need some repairs done, it can be stressful!
  • No need to deal with strangers. Whether it’s negotiating with someone, or having possible buyers come to check on your vehicle, you no longer have to waste your time with people you barely know.
  • Experience a sense of fulfillment. Having the realization that a simple act of charity can bring so much impact to sick children is such a delightful feeling.


Be an Instrument of Hope and Change Today

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There are over thousands of kids and teens in the Magnolia State in need of your support. All it takes is a simple contribution to our Mississippi car donation program. We assure you, you’ll be helping us transform their lives with your vehicle.

Get started by reaching us at 866-634-8395. We can’t wait to make a difference with you.

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