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Help Kids Car Donations Transform a Child’s Life

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Are you ready to let go of your old clunker? What if we told you that you can permanently get rid of that eyesore without spending a single dime for towing? Would you be willing to donate your unneeded vehicle to Kids Car Donations in Alaska and help us support a meaningful cause?

If you’re at a point where you’ve finally admitted to yourself that no amount of work can ever bring your old clunker to life, you don’t have to wrack your brains looking for a way to dispose of it. Instead of leaving it to gather more dust and rust, why not donate your car in Alaska to help the sick children in your area overcome difficult medical, physical and emotional challenges?


Help Kids Dealing With Illness

There’s nothing worse than seeing a child struggle against a serious medical condition. Children respond differently than adults to the reality of being diagnosed with a life-threatening or a chronic disease. Those frequent trips to the hospital to get extensive medical treatments coupled with the feeling of being “different” from other children because of their physical limitations can make these kids feel frightened and lonely.

Through Kids Car Donations in Alaska, your vehicle goes to support our partner nonprofits that help children in this area. From music therapy to funding for medical expenses to alleviating the cost of travel back and forth to appointments, your donation can make a huge difference.


Why Donate Your Vehicle to Kids Car Donations?

Kids Car Donations has a soft spot for children who have a chronic health condition or disability. That’s why we operate vehicle donation programs to help these children and their families as they face life-threatening or life-limiting physical, mental or emotional challenges.

If you’re interested in making a massive impact in a sick child’s life, we encourage you to donate your car in Alaska by calling 866-634-8395 now!


Car Donations Made Easy

If you choose to participate in our car donations in Alaska, you’re in for a pleasant experience! Our donation process is anything but stressful and complicated! Not only that, we’re known to give the best customer service so expect to be treated like royalty!

Take a look at how the whole process goes:

  • Fill out our online donation form below or call us at 866-634-8395 to give us your contact details and other bits of info about your vehicle.
  • Give us your preferred schedule for your car’s pickup so we can arrange for a professional towing company to get the job done on the day designated by you.
  • We’ll send you a tax receipt within a few days after we auction off your vehicle. This can be used for your top tax deduction!


A Sneak Preview of Your Donation Perks

Deciding to donate your vehicle through Kids Car Donations in Alaska is like setting yourself up for a classic win-win. Your act of generosity will not only benefit the sick children in your community, you’ll reap awesome rewards for yourself as well!

  1. Fast and FREE towing! You won’t have to pay a cent because towing’s on us!
  2. Relax while we do all the paperwork! You can be sure that our team will get all the paperwork in order on your behalf — from the transfer of your car’s ownership to the IRS documentation, so you can enjoy a maximum tax deduction!
  3. It’s much easier to donate than to try to sell it yourself! Are you sure you want to go through all the trouble of posting ads, showing and transporting your vehicle – not to mention haggling with strangers? There’s an easier way with Kids Car Donations.
  4. No need to care for an unwanted vehicle! If you donate a car in Alaska with Kids Car Donations, you can finally say goodbye to a clunker that needs constant repairs. Now, you’ve got the room for a nice, new vehicle or toy!
  5. Vehicle donations are 100% tax-deductible! If you choose to make an Alaska car donation, you can claim a deduction when you file your taxes. If your donation generates proceeds that exceed $500, your deduction will be determined by how much your car was sold. On the other hand, if your donation generates proceeds that are less than $500, you can claim up to your car’s fair market value not exceeding $500 or its exact selling price.


Ready to Help?

You can donate almost any type of vehicle because Kids Car Donations is willing to accept many makes and models as car donations in Alaska! That means you can finally get rid of your grandma’s old motorized wheelchair or your dad’s rusty snowmobile.

Every child’s smile is priceless – especially if the kid is going through a tough time. A vehicle donation can change his/her perspective and transform his/her life!

Don’t waste another second! Be one of the reasons behind the smiles of children who are living with critical illnesses. Dial 866-634-8395 to contribute to Alaska car donations today!

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