How to Help Your Child Cope with Medical Procedures

Parenting Tips: How to Help Your Child Cope with Medical Procedures

Does your kid need to go through diagnostic tests, which explains why you’re desperate to get a few pointers on how to help your child cope with medical procedures? Youngsters usually freak out at the sight of a pointed needle poised to draw their blood. As parents, we all know how challenging it can be to manage situations where your child would need to undergo tests that may involve needles or some other intimidating medical device.

It’s important to note that not all kids react the same way towards any given medical procedure. Their reactions are rooted in factors that include their personalities, developmental changes, and how they cope with unfamiliar and stressful situations. On the bright side, parents can actually train their children to successfully handle such situations.


How You Can Help as a Parent

It’s never easy to watch your child go through a painful medical procedure even if you know that the process is necessary. Fortunately, there are some things that parents can do to help make the situation a little easier for their child.

Here are some of them:

  • Stay with your child throughout the procedure.

Having you, the parent, in the room with your child can bring a lot of comfort to them. Whether it’s a child or a teenager, seeing you during the painful times can help them get through the entire procedure.

  • Distract your child.

Leading your child’s attention away from the procedure that’s about to happen can help lessen the pain when the procedure gets underway. Some distractions you can do include singing their favorite song, showing them a video that they find funny, or telling a story.

  • Bring familiar objects with you.

Seeing familiar faces and objects in the room where the medical procedure will be done can help your child feel relaxed and relieved. They’ll feel more comfortable about the situation and less anxious about it.

  • Use a comfortable position.

Especially for young children, being in a position where it’s comfortable for them like being held during a painful procedure can help them feel that they’re secured and safe. It can also let them feel the support from their parent, which is extremely important.

  • Be honest.

As much as possible, be honest in how you communicate with your kid about the procedure. Saying things like, “It won’t hurt” won’t probably work with your child especially when they see the sharp needle that’s about to be injected into their skin.

Instead, use phrases like, “You’ll feel a slight pain.” This way, they will be able to anticipate it. Moreover, only say that it’s done when the procedure is actually over.

As a parent, you are the primary person who can provide care for your child. As such, your presence and direct involvement in preparing your kid for a medical procedure are the key to helping them cope with whatever level of pain the procedure may bring.


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