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Holding on to an unneeded vehicle is pointless because Kids Car Donations sets up the Virginia car donations program to put a permanent end to your clunker problems! You can finally rest easy knowing that parting ways with an unwanted clunker will support countless kids and teens all over the Old Dominion and even across the United States.


Building Kids’ Lives Through Car Donations

Kids Car Donations works as an online platform for car donation in Virginia on behalf of  that give all of their time and energy in their mission of protecting the welfare of children and teens in every state. The money generated from the sale of every vehicle donated to us will be used to support the much-needed programs and services that our nonprofit partners deliver to the kids they serve.

The Songs of Love Foundation is one of the charities we work with. They create original personalized songs that are dedicated to children and teenagers who are struggling with serious medical conditions. These one-of-a-kind tunes effectively improve their coping abilities whenever the going gets tough at some point in their journey.

With your help, we can meet more needs as we reach out to more kids who are in dire need of our support. You don’t have to deal with that eyesore in your garage and these kids don’t have to suffer in silence if you turn that burden of a car into a blessing through Virginia car donations.


How Your Donation Benefits You

Knowing that your charitable giving will impact the lives of our children is a reward in itself. However, do you know that other awesome returns await you if you join Virginia car donations? Let’s dive in and take a closer look at how donating a vehicle can be beneficial to you:

  • Our donation process is simple and easy to do.
  • You won’t be bothered with paperwork – we’ll efficiently handle this for you.
  • FREE pick up and towing services.
  • It can save you some coin at tax time because your donation is 100% tax-deductible.
  • No need to stress yourself out trying to find a buyer for a used car.
  • Quit spending money on insurance, registration, storage, maintenance, and repairs for a vehicle you don’t want to keep.


How Does the Donation Process Work?

It’s as easy as A-B-C. As matter of fact, it won’t take more than a few minutes of your time because we’ll handle the rest of the details for you once you give us the required basic info about you and your donated vehicle. Here’s how the process goes:

  • Fill out the online donation form.
  • We’ll confirm the information you provided in your submitted donation form by giving you a call within the same day.
  • Give us your preferred time and date for your vehicle’s FREE pick up.
  • We’ll arrange for a tow truck to collect your vehicle on the day designated with you.
  • Your car will be auctioned off and the proceeds will be handed over to our charity partners.
  • You’ll receive a donation receipt by mail after we complete the process of your vehicle’s sale. You can use this document for tax purposes.


You Can Donate Other Types of Vehicles

We’re pretty sure that your clunker will make the cut because willing to accept a wide range of vehicle types! In most cases, we even accept those that aren’t in their best working condition. The only vehicles we refuse to accept are those that are abandoned or stolen because we need the donors’ proof of ownership to sell them.

However, if you’ve misplaced your vehicle’s title, it’s not the end of the world for you. Our team of title experts can work something out to help you get a replacement.

Also, we’ll be more than happy to accept multiple donations so feel free to give away as many unwanted vehicles as you can. More lives will be touched if you donate more than a single clunker. Meanwhile, you can check out this list of vehicle types for your reference:

  • Cars: Sedans, sports cars, classic cars, coupes, convertibles, hybrids, hatchbacks
  • Motorcycles: Dirt bikes, sports bikes, scooters, mopeds, touring bikes
  • Trucks: Tank trucks, garbage trucks, dump trucks, refrigerator trucks mobile cranes
  • Fleet vehicles: Cars, passenger vans, buses, minivans, haulers, cargo vans, ambulances
  • Recreational vehicles: campers, popup trailers, five wheelers, motorhomes, hybrid trailers, travel trailers
  • Specialty vehicles: Riding lawnmowers, farm equipment, golf carts, motorized wheelchairs, ATVs, snowmobiles
  • Aircraft: Helicopters, choppers, private planes, jet planes, gliders,
  • Watercraft: Sailboats, motorboats, cruise ships, pontoon boats, catamaran boats


Make Great Possibilities Happen

A clunker that has no value to you doesn’t have to stay useless for forever. With our combined efforts, we can turn it into an instrument of hope that can turn the lives of thousands of kids around.

Join Virginia car donations today to make great possibilities happen! Call 866-634-8395 to get started!

Looking for more information about donating in a particular area of Virginia? Click on one of the cities closest to you from the list below.

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