Help Sick Children in Connecticut With a Car Donation

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One of the best ways in which you can support ailing kids and teens is by simply choosing to donate a car for charity in CT to Kids Car Donations.

Almost everyone who has suffered from a serious medical condition knows how long and painful the recovery period can be. Children are certainly no exception. By giving an old automobile to Kids Car Donations, however, you make it so these young ones can go through a less excruciating road to recovery.

We use vehicle donations as means to support girls and boys who are diagnosed with various diseases. Any vehicle is actually capable of providing funds needed by significant charities for children. We can guarantee you that your old clunker will be in good hands.


Learn More About Connecticut

Connecticut is located in southern New England. It boasts forested hills, rural areas, shoreline beaches, coastal cities and urban skylines. There’s no shortage of kid-friendly attractions in this state. For example, kids can experience life under the sea at The Maritime Aquarium or take a scenic hike at Mount Riga State Park. For children who love prehistoric creatures, the Dinosaur State Park features some of the largest dinosaur tracks in the country and The Dig Pit. 

The top children’s hospitals in the state include Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. However, there are many kids who struggle with poverty in Connecticut. In fact, the child poverty rate is 14%. You can help these children by donating a vehicle to our organization.


Types of Vehicles Usually Accepted

Here at Kids Car Donations, there’s no reason for you to be embarrassed about donating an outdated car or a truck that’s hardly running. As one of the best car donation charities in CT and beyond, we take vehicles that are either old, non-working, damaged or all of the above! We also take all kinds of vehicles, from motorcycle donation to boat donation in CT. So if you’re planning to get rid of some sort of car, truck or RV, feel more than free to do so!

The only vehicles we can’t afford to accept are ones that are abandoned or stolen. This is why your car’s title of ownership is also a huge requirement. In case you lost or misplaced it, just inform us, although we suggest you first talk to your local DMV.

To give you an idea of what vehicles we typically have in our Connecticut car donation program, we’ve prepared a detailed list. Check it out below:

  • Standard vehicles: SUVs, convertibles, sedans, compact cars, sports cars, classic cars
  • Recreational vehicles: motorhomes, campers, travel trailers, hybrid trailers, popup trailers
  • Trucks: dump trucks, refrigerator trucks, tank trucks, garbage trucks, mobile cranes
  • Motorcycles: cruisers, sports bikes, mopeds, touring bikes, dirt bikes
  • Specialty vehicles: ATVs, golf carts, snowmobiles
  • Fleet vehicles: buses, vans, ambulances, cabs, minivans
  • Watercraft: jet skis, pontoon boats, catamaran boats, motorboats, sailboats, yachts, fishing boats

Think we won’t take your vehicle for our Connecticut vehicle donation program due to its obvious scratches? Don’t hesitate to talk to us about your concerns.


An Efficient and Effortless Donation Process for Our Generous Donors

Consider yourself really lucky when you decide to team up with Kids Car Donations. Not like many car donation programs in Connecticut, we offer a donation experience that’s both paperless and costless. Stop worrying about the documents and towing, we’ll take care of ’em for you!

Once you’ve made up your mind to contribute to our Connecticut auto donation program, just connect with us. Either fill out our online donation form or give us a quick call. Get ready to provide us specific details about the vehicle you wish to donate, after which we agree on a time and place for its free pickup.

A local towing company will send its tow truck over to the specified address, normally within 24 to 48 hours. Expect a tow receipt from the driver after he hauls your car away. In case you can’t be present at the time of pickup, be sure to inform us ahead so we’ll also give you certain instructions.

Now that we have your vehicle in our possession, we’ll be selling it at an auto show. All proceeds go straight to our nonprofit partners, empowering them to assist ailing kids and their families.

A few days or weeks after the successful sale of your Connecticut car donation, we’ll mail you a tax-deductible sales receipt. This document gives you the access to your tax deductions, so it’s really important that you don’t lose it!

Visit our FAQs page for more details.


Perks to Enjoy From Your Connecticut Car Donation

At Kids Car Donations, we see to it that everyone gets the chance to receive wonderful rewards. By anyone, we’re not just talking about our young beneficiaries. We also mean you and your generous heart!

While you’re already very aware of the potential tax write-off you’ll be getting from your car, motorcycle or boat donation in CT, you might still be clueless of the other benefits in store for you. Eager to find out what they are? Take a look below:

  • You finally get rid of a no-longer-needed vehicle at no cost. With our free towing service, you won’t have to worry about cash anymore.
  • You have the option to schedule the towing. You don’t even need to be around when our tow truck comes for your vehicle!
  • You avoid the costs and hassles in selling an old vehicle. Looking for potential clients can be frustrating, especially if it involves something that’s already used or damaged. Plus, you have to pay bucks for its repairs and advertisements! Skip this hassle.
  • You spare yourself from the trouble of dealing with paperwork. Every piece of paper is our responsibility!
  • You get to save a lot of cash. With your vehicle out of the way, you no longer find yourself spending needlessly for its restoration and insurance fees..
  • You experience a sense of fulfillment. Every Connecticut car donation made plays a crucial role in uplifting sick children. Imagine how many lives you get to save with your clunker!
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Know What It’s Like to be a Hero Today

Be an inspiration to kids and teens all over the country with a simple charitable act. All it takes is to donate a vehicle to charity in CT that you no longer use. Call us at 866-634-8395 now.

We look forward to changing the lives of hurting kids with you.

Looking for more information about donating in a particular area of Connecticut? Click on one of the cities closest to you from the list below.


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