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The Challenges of Living with Spina Bifida

The Challenges of Living with Spina Bifida

Did you know that if an individual is diagnosed with spina bifida, it means that person has a cleft spine? This birth defect affects an individual’s spinal column. It progresses from a split-like opening in the back part of the backbones or the spinal vertebrae. This begins to take place just 21 to 28 days after conception, usually before a woman becomes aware that she is pregnant.

This condition affects the central nervous system. People who have it may struggle doing certain physical activities, which may pose obstacles to their relationships, education, and employment.

In case you’re not aware, October is National Spina Bifida Awareness Month. During the month-long observance, communities throughout the United States are challenged to find new ways to get involved in raising awareness of spina bifida in their own circles, larger networks, and various advocacy groups.


A Closer Look at the Challenges of Living with Spina Bifida

National Spina Bifida Awareness Month is also the best time to support those who are affected by this condition. Kids Car Donations encourages you to take a close look at the challenges of living with spina bifida.

  • Bladder control

One of the most difficult problems associated with having spina bifida is the lack of bowel and bladder control. Those who have this condition have difficulty in managing their daily routines. Those who have jobs prefer to work at home where they can have easy and quick access to the toilet. When that’s not possible, they have to ask their employer to assign them to a desk located close to the restroom.

  • Mobility issues

Due to the paralysis that comes with the condition, some people diagnosed with spina bifida experience difficulty in walking. In fact, they may not even be able to feel cuts and sores. Those who have a hard time walking have to use walkers, braces, crutches or wheelchairs.

  • Skin breakdown

This usually happens to those who use braces, crutches, and wheelchairs that constantly rub against their skin, leading to a skin breakdown. Due to their mobility limitations, they find themselves dealing with pressure sores, especially in areas where they have decreased sensation.

  • Social issues

Studies confirm that children with spina bifida encounter challenges resulting from their exclusion and isolation from their peers and their poor social skills. As they progress from early childhood through adulthood, they tend to experience problems as they suffer from low self-esteem, poor body image, lack of confidence, depression, and difficulty in building relations.


Accepting Spina Bifida

For spina bifida sufferers, accepting their handicap that hinders them from engaging in various life experiences is far from easy. However, many of those who have this condition have been able to surmount their limitations through the encouragement and support of people who matter to them.


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