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National Science Fiction Day: Top 4 Elements of Science Fiction Literature

Celebrate Your Favorite Genre on January 2nd!

There’s nothing like reading a good sci-fi novel. You can just lose yourself on its pages for hours on end while you curl up by the fire. As you immerse yourself in its futuristic ideas, you get glimpses of alien worlds, interplanetary warfare, robots, and extraterrestrial life forms. It never fails to stir your imagination because anything is possible!

Are you a huge sci-fi fan? Every year, on January 2nd, bookworms celebrate their favorite books as well as their creators and history. This national event also memorializes the birth of Isaac Asimov, the most famous sci-fi writer of all time.


4 Elements of Science Fiction that Separates it From Plain Fiction

Are you ready to unlock your imagination? In the spirit of National Science Fiction Day, we’ve rounded up the distinct characteristics of sci-fi literature that sets it apart from other genres.

1. Its characters are non-human.

As cliché as it may sound, sci-fi novels are full of non-human characters that include extraterrestrial life forms, aliens, mutants, and robots. While this genre seeks to go beyond the limits of humanity, it also questions the essence of being human. For instance, Frankenstein, one of the most famous sci-fi characters, prompts the audience to consider his humanity when this non-human character expresses a wide range of extreme emotions such as happiness and grief.

2. It’s an allegory.

In case you’re wondering, an allegory refers to a story that needs to be interpreted to reveal its hidden political or moral meaning. Sci-fi writers may love to conjure up fantastic settings and bizarre, otherworldly locations, but their stories usually explore larger themes and undertones that talk about society. In some cases, the commentary may even be mocking.

3. It uses speculative technology.

Sci-fi wouldn’t be called such if it has got nothing to do with science. In some sense, science and technology are evident in all of its characters, settings, conflicts, and plots. For example, in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, Gulliver clearly described how the people of the imaginary island called Laputa, move it around with the use of a giant magnet.

4. It sometimes features time travel.

One of the most recurring themes in sci-fi is time travel. It’s not unusual to read about characters who use a time machine that allows them to zip back in time or into the future. In most cases, sci-fi stories are set in a distant time that’s entirely different from ours. In H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine, the audience gets the impression that words are not enough to describe the future.


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