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4 Awesome Clothing Brands For Kids Hospital Gowns

4 Awesome Clothing Brands for Children’s Hospital Gowns

It’s difficult for parents to see their little ones looking frail and weak in hospital beds. However, it doesn’t always need to be that way.

A lot of things can cheer up and uplift the spirits of sick kids in hospitals. Parents can bring board games or their child’s favorite stuffed toy, share silly jokes, and something as simple as dressing their son or daughter in an awesome hospital outfit.

Believe it or not, kids also tend to feel much better when suited in fashionable clothes. By that, we mean, clothes with fun prints or drawings, and of course, those that have prints of their favorite cartoon characters.

We’ve compiled four of the most creative brands for children’s hospital gowns. Without a doubt, any sick kid would feel much better having them on while getting treated. Take a look at them below!

  • Starlight Gowns

There’s always something about bright colors that scream joy and positivity. This is why most, if not all, hospital wear from Starlight Gowns have such light and happy colors. Made of high-quality fabric, their gowns are known to motivate kids by turning them into doctors, cowboys, and even astronauts.

  • Disney

Nothing spells a great childhood than by owning something from Disney. Disney has been spreading happiness to millions of kids for decades, and they’re not planning to stop anytime soon.

Apart from their Mickey Mouse stuffed toys and Disney princess dolls, they’re now taking a step further to comfort ailing kids. They have come up with colorful hospital gowns showing prints of various lovable characters.

  • LoveandCarebyDesign

If you want cute designs to go with a cotton flannel gown, you may definitely want to consider this brand. LoveandCarebyDesign is ideal for children who have sensitive skin and are allergic to harsh chemicals commonly found in hospital detergents.

  • Brave Gowns

What’s a better way to feel powerful than by wearing a superhero-inspired gown! For years, the people behind Brave Gowns have been inspiring ailing boys and girls to bravely fight against their illness, and so far, it’s been pretty effective.

The brand offers MRI-friendly clothing with extremely soft, wrinkle-free, and breathable material. With full back coverage and easy access to ports and IVs, their gowns provide kids nothing but maximum comfort and zero inconveniences. Since their gowns have been approved for use in all hospitals, there’s no reason you wouldn’t want your little warrior wearing a Brave Gown!

Visit their website to see how great their clothes look.

Superhero Themed Brave Gowns | Kids Car Donations
Image Source: Brave Gowns


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