Signs That Your Child Might Have Developmental Disabilities

What Are Developmental Disabilities?

Developmental disabilities are defined as a group of conditions resulting from an impairment of an individual’s physical, language, learning, and behavior skills. In most cases, these disabilities begin to affect a person as they go through the developmental period and last throughout their lifetime.

Developmental disabilities can potentially impact an individual’s day-to-day functioning. Oftentimes, such conditions will require lifelong support.

As you watch your little one grow, it’s important to remember that every child develops at their own pace. Furthermore, the normal range for each stage of development is wide. Unless parents have a clear understanding of what developmental disabilities are, they won’t be able to recognize any of their red flags even when they’re being demonstrated by their children.

An Overview of an Individual’s Developmental Milestones

The most critical period of rapid development in a person’s life takes place during early childhood. During this time, developmental milestones become apparent in terms of a person’s physical, emotional, cognitive, communication, and social skills. Since each individual is unique, children reach their developmental milestones at different times. However, to give you an idea about the key developmental milestones as well as the approximate ages when these are reached, check this out:

  • Most babies begin to smile at four months of age.
  • At nine months of age, most babies will begin to point to things using their fingers.
  • As a means of communication, most kids begin to copy sounds at the age of nine months.
  • By the time children turn a year old, most of them start walking.
  • At two years of age, most kids will begin to recognize and name certain items that they could find in their surroundings and in picture books.


What Are the Signs that Your Child Might Have Developmental Disabilities?

When it comes to screening for developmental disabilities, the awareness of the key developmental milestones is a prerequisite. When your child experiences a delay in reaching thinking, motor skills, and language milestones, you’ll need to speak to their pediatrician so that early intervention can be provided. Although developmental delays are an indication of underlying conditions that can only be diagnosed by trained clinicians, any of these common signs can point you to an existing developmental disability:

  • Delay in fine and gross motor skills

Stiff arms and legs; limbs that are loose or floppy; inability to sit without support at 9 months old; limited arm and leg movements; dominant involuntary reflexes; inability to stand up at 1-year-old

  • Delay in speech and language

Inability to recognize sounds as well as basic language at 6 months old; inability to say two to three simple words at 12 to 15 months; inability to say several words at 18 months old; and inability to speak brief sentences at 3 years of age

  • Autism spectrum disorder

Failure to respond when called by name; lack of facial expression; resistance to playing and cuddling with others; repetitive movements; difficulty carrying on a conversation; difficulty remembering words or sentences; problems with coordination, and development of specific routines


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