What You Need to Know About Hospice Care for Kids

What You Need to Know About Hospice Care for Kids

Did you know that National Homecare and Hospice Month is celebrated annually in November? During this time, people worldwide take time to remember the significant contributions of every nurse, therapist, physician, and social worker in the lives of the individuals and families they serve. For this reason, various activities that shine the spotlight on these heroes will take place all over the country this November.

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is end-of-life care that’s given to people who have a few months or even less than that to live. This can take place at home, in a hospital, in a skilled nursing facility, or at a hospice center.

The goal of hospice workers is to keep their patients as comfortable, peaceful, and alert as possible by controlling pain and other symptoms. To achieve seamless physical, psychosocial, and spiritual care, the hospice also provides services that support the patients’ families.

What About Hospice Care for Kids?

While most of us associate hospice care with elderly patients, this type of care is also provided by teams of healthcare professionals and volunteers for children who are terminally ill.

In the past, hospice care was limited to children in the late stages of cancer. However, it is now available for children who have a life-limiting illness such as tumors, lung diseases, genetic diseases, lung diseases, and neurological disorders. Hospice care for children is slightly different from general hospice services because kids may receive curative treatments while receiving hospice services.

Not Every Child Has Access to Hospice Care

Sadly, many children who need hospice care the most aren’t enrolled in one. In fact, as little as 10% of the entire population of ailing kids takes advantage of the benefits of palliative care. One of the main factors that hinder children from receiving home and hospice care is because their parents do not know that these services are available for them.

The fact remains that sick children, no matter what stage of their disease they’re in, need home care and hospice services. With the help of a multi-disciplinary team, children in hospice care are assured that they will live comfortably while being surrounded by a strong support system on their remaining days.

Hospice Care Services: A Closer Look

Physical, spiritual, and emotional support is extremely important for these children during the most challenging time of their lives. With home and hospice care, the following services can be provided:

  • Management of pain and other symptoms
  • Administration of medication
  • Child therapies such as art engagement, therapeutic play, wish-granting services
  • Grief counseling and psychosocial support

Hospice care varies from one company to another. It’s best to talk to your child’s healthcare provider for more information.

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