National Nonprofit Day: Meaningful Ways to Support Nonprofits

Here’s How You Can Repay Them the Favor

Right now, there’s a veteran somewhere peacefully relaxing in their new house after years of living on the streets. At the same time, a volunteer is teaching a couple of art skills to orphans who are intently listening. Elsewhere, a lawyer is providing legal services for a low-income family.

National Nonprofit Day on August 17th reminds us that these scenarios are made possible by the nonprofit sector. Thanks to nonprofit organizations and the people behind them, our less fortunate fellow Americans can receive the attention and assistance they need. The actions taken by nonprofits play a huge part in shaping our society and providing hope for a better future.

By rendering services such as affordable housing, medical care, food banks, legal counsel, education, and afterschool activities, charitable organizations provide a platform for people to reach out to the poor be it directly or through donations.

August 17th is the perfect time to commend the incredible men and women working in nonprofits. They’re no strangers to transforming so many lives in a single day—it’s pretty much a way of life for them. Showering them with genuine praises is enough to touch their hearts. Plus, the inspiration they get when people wholeheartedly admire their work keeps them going.

How You Can Meaningfully Support Nonprofits

National Nonprofit Day encourages us to acknowledge the positive impact nonprofit organizations are making not just in our local communities but around the world as well. It serves as an opportunity for each one of us to pause and reflect on the extraordinary work these nonprofits do every day.

So, how can you express your gratitude to these nonprofits and repay them the favor? Kids Car Donations has some tips:

  1. Volunteer.

Many nonprofit groups operate on a tight budget, which means they’ll be extremely delighted if you offer them an extra hand. Pick a local organization (or even two) that supports a cause that’s closest to your heart and ask what you can do to help. You can also invite your friends to work as volunteers.

  1. Spread the word online.

Are there certain nonprofits that you consider your favorites? Show them your support by giving them shoutouts on social media? That way, more people will learn about them and, more importantly, the causes they’re advocating.

Write a heartfelt post explaining why you admire them, share photos of you volunteering, and inspire others to get involved just like you. Make sure that you include the hashtag #NationalNonprofitDay to increase the visibility of your post.

  1. Start a fundraiser.

As we earlier mentioned, many charities work on a shoestring budget. So, how about hosting a fundraising event on their behalf? Here’s a list comprising 60+ simple fundraising ideas to help you decide which one works best for you.


Here’s Our Final Tip

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Celebrate National Nonprofit Day with Kids Car Donations!

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