Most Common Warning Lights on Your Car’s Dashboard

Each Light Represents a Possible Issue

Whenever you start your car, you’ll notice your dashboard lighting up with some symbols. These usually disappear after a second or two. But what if one stays on?

Each of the lights represents a part of your vehicle’s system. If they’re not lighting up, that means everything is working correctly. If a warning light stays on while the engine is still running, it could mean that there’s an issue with your car.

Regardless of the make or model of your car, the warning lights should mostly look the same. They might be located in different areas of the dashboard, but the symbols should be unchanged. Your car’s handbook or the vehicle’s owner’s manual should contain a complete list, but we’ve listed the ones you’d likely encounter below:

1. Check engine light

Represented by the symbol of an engine, this is one of the most important warning lights you should look out for. It indicates a possible issue with your engine, which means you should get your car checked as soon as possible, even if it feels as if nothing’s wrong.

2. Brake lights

Your brake light turning on could mean either one of three things: Your handbrake is still engaged, your brake fluid levels are too low, or it’s an internal issue with your braking system. If the first two checks out, get your car to an auto-shop to have it checked.

3. Car battery light

Just like its name, this light looks like a battery with “negative” and “plus” symbols. This light can indicate an issue with your car battery or your charging system. If your battery isn’t the problem, which can be checked by replacing it with a new one, you’ll need to have your car checked in an auto shop. The problem could be with the wiring, sensors, or even more serious parts like the alternator or drive belt.

4. Temperature warning light

Your temperature warning light is represented by a symbol showing a ship on the water with its sails extended. It also looks like a thermometer in the middle of squiggly lines. This means your engine is too hot and it’s best not to continue driving. Take your vehicle to the auto shop as soon as possible.

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