How to Sleep Better: Tips for Young Children

Learn How to Win Your Bedtime Battle with Your Child!

Getting enough sleep is extremely important for maintaining optimal health. However, contrary to what some people might assume, adults aren’t the only ones who have trouble falling asleep. Children also struggle to get adequate rest. And when they can’t sleep, this causes their parents to lose sleep as well.

Bedtime can become challenging when your little one refuses to settle down and fall asleep. Luckily, you can do a few things to help you increase your chances of emerging victorious in your bedtime battle with your child.


How to Help Your Little One Sleep Better

Be glad to know that most children who have sleeping difficulties find relief when their parents make simple changes to their behavior and sleep environment. Kids Car Donations has gathered the following well-proven tips to help kids sleep better:

  1. Create a bedtime routine.

Establishing a bedtime routine that starts around the same time each night helps promote healthy sleep patterns because it lets your child’s body and mind know that it’s time to prepare for sleep. You’ll want your bedtime routine to last about 20 minutes, consisting of up to four quiet and soothing activities. These activities could include brushing your child’s teeth, giving them a warm bath, putting on their pajama, and reading them their favorite book.

  1. Maintain consistent sleep and wake times.

Try keeping your child’s bedtime and wake-up time consistent, preferably within a 1-2 hour range each day. A consistent sleep schedule can help your child doze off with regularity as it works with their natural body clock. Since setting a bedtime is most useful when it’s consistent, you’ll want to maintain the same bedtime on weekends as on school nights.

  1. Limit and time naps for older kids.

In most cases, kids stop taking daytime naps between the ages of 3 and 5. If your little one is over 5 years old and still napping, it’s best to keep the nap short and not let them nap later than early afternoon. Napping for more than 20 minutes and taking later naps can make it more difficult for them to fall asleep at night.

  1. Enforce a screen curfew.

The human body produces a hormone called melatonin, which regulates night and day or sleep-wake cycles. Since TVs, mobile devices, and tablets emit blue light that interferes with melatonin production, watching videos from these devices can make it hard for your child to unwind for sleep. You can help your child sleep better by not letting them use electronic devices within an hour before bedtime and keeping these items out of the bedroom.

  1. Create a sleep-friendly environment.

Creating an environment that promotes relaxation helps facilitate better sleep. Try using soft sheets, room-darkening shades, and a relatively quiet atmosphere to help your child distinguish between day and night. They will fall asleep more quickly and with less assistance if their bedroom is free from distractions.


What You Can Do to Help Your Community’s Ailing Kids

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