How To Safely Deal with a Tire Blowout

3 Things You Must Bear in Mind to Avoid Danger

One of the worst things that can happen to a driver is to experience a tire blowout while on the road. This can be caused by several issues, some of them avoidable while others boil down to bad luck.

It can be caused by low tire pressure, small punctures on the tire, uneven tire tread, heavy loads, damage to the tires, and unexpected road hazards.

The key to dealing with tire blowouts is to know how to safely get through the situation. Here are three things you must bear in mind to avoid any untoward incident:

  1. Stay calm.

Try not to be startled by the sound of an exploding tire. You can still drive through a blowout for a short distance to park your car safely to check and fix the problem. To do this, keep a firm grip on the steering wheel with both hands and do not slam on the brakes. Slowly release the accelerator to slow down your car. Stabilize your vehicle with the steering and pull your car over to the side of the road.

  1. Set up your early warning devices.

When you are already at a safe distance from the road, set up your emergency triangles, and don’t forget to activate your emergency flashers to warn approaching vehicles that you have an emergency.

  1. Change your flat tire.

Proceed with changing your flat tire. Remember to replace your spare tire with a regular one soon after using it since spare tires are not meant for long-term driving or driving for long distances. As an alternative, you can also call for road assistance to get towed.


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