How to Remove Road Tar from Your Vehicle

Learn How to Get Rid of That Black, Stubborn Residue

Taking care of your vehicle can be a painstaking task. There will be days of persistent rain and mud threatening to mar its appearance. There’s also the problem of accumulated dust and other particles spoiling its exterior. If you’re lucky, that’s the end of it.

Unfortunately, one particular substance threatens to damage your car’s pristine image — tar. Although those newly asphalted roads are a pleasure to drive on, the tar on them can get kicked onto lower portions of your vehicle. Before you know it, your side doors, wheel wells, bumper, headlights, fenders, and even your windshield are tainted by this sticky, black, oil-based substance.


Tried and Tested Tips for Getting Tar Buildup Off Your Car

Tar can be virtually impossible to remove with just a simple soapy solution. The longer you let the tar buildup sit dry on your trusty steed, the more difficult it would be to get the black, stubborn residue off without causing damage to your paint job. If you find yourself facing a tarry situation, Kids Car Donations is here to provide the following handy solutions:

  1. Remove the non-tar debris first.

Before focusing on removing the sticky tar, it’s best to wash it first. This gets rid of any other particles on the exterior portion such as mud, dust, and in some cases, bugs. When you start removing the black residue next, at least you’ll have a cleaner vehicle to work with.

  1. Choose your tar remover.

Household products can be good tar removers, such as kerosene, peanut butter, and expert-recommended WD-40. Since these items work as tar softeners, they can make the tar come off quickly once you start scraping it away. If you don’t have any of these items, feel free to use a road tar remover spray.

  1. Follow the proper product application.

If you’ve decided to use peanut butter, avoid the chunky ones and buy the smooth type. Place a certain amount on a microfiber cloth, apply it to the stain, and leave it there for 30 seconds. Once the tar softens, do an initial wash and wipe the area with another piece of cloth before rinsing. This process also works with kerosene.

If you’re using WD-40, simply spray the product on the tar spots. Like the peanut butter, you still need to let it sit for about half a minute or so. You can also spray it on a small towel, making it moist enough to rub on the tar. Keep in mind that direct application is your best bet for getting a significant portion of tar off.

  1. Focus on the tarry spots.

The previous step should work in eliminating the major tarry areas. However, you still need to give your vehicle a thorough wash. Once all tar has been removed, apply wax to your car for more protection and a shinier look.


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