How to Properly Use Car Jack Stands

Get to Know Better the Life Partner of the Car Jack!

If you think that your pliers, screwdrivers, and socket wrenches are the only important tools in your garage, think again. The tools you shouldn’t live without are the ones that keep you safe.

One of the main characters of the safety show is your car jack’s life partner — the jack stand. Without it, you won’t be able to safely jack up your vehicle for suspension work, brake service, tire rotations, and everything else.

In case you’re wondering, a jack stand is a simple metal mechanical device that works to support the weight of a lifted vehicle. While the jack raises the vehicle, the jack stand holds it in place. When placed underneath your car, this height-adjustable instrument prevents your car from falling on you while you’re working on it. Experts say every car owner should have at least four jack stands.


Tips to Help You Properly Use a Car Jack Stand

Whether you’re trying to change the oil or remove a wheel, you’ll have to lift your car off the ground when you’re doing such maintenance work. However, it’s never a good idea to put any part of your body under your car if it’s supported only by your jack. To help you avoid disastrous results, Kids Car Donations has pulled together the following tips on how to properly use a car jack stand:

  1. Read the manuals.

Every type of vehicle has recommended jack points, as well as solid suspension and frame points. You can find this information in your car owner’s manual. You’ll also have to read the manual for safety instructions on using lifting and supporting equipment. Aside from these instructions, the manual also lets you know the capacity limits of your jack and jack stand. It’s always a good idea to use a jack and jack stand that can lift and support at least 50% of your car’s gross weight.

  1. Find a safe location with a flat, level, and stable surface.

It isn’t safe to fix a flat tire on the highway. You’d want to pull off the freeway and find a location that’s as far away from oncoming traffic or bystanders as possible. Keep in mind that your jack and jack stand only function vertically. The force of gravity can pull your vehicle off the jack if you park it on a slope.

For this reason, you need to park your car on a flat, level, and stable ground. Raise your car from a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt and avoid unstable surfaces like dirt, sand, or grass.

  1. Work with an assistant.

You should have someone nearby when you’re working under your car. Besides keeping you company and handing you tools, they can also quickly respond when your car rolls or shifts in some way. In case of an emergency, they can call 911 right away.

  1. Chock your wheels.

After putting the transmission in gear or park and keeping the emergency brake on, you’ll want to make sure that your car won’t move forward or backward. Place two solid objects in front and behind the wheel opposite where you’re lifting. Some of the best choices include rubber, metal, plastic, or wooden chocks. Steer clear of bad choices that may crumble or slide such as bricks or rocks.

  1. Lift your vehicle and support it.

Using a solid jacking point, you may lift your vehicle while making sure that your jack stand has enough room to support it. If you’re lifting just one wheel, you’ll only need to lift that corner and place the jack stand under the jacking point. Adjust the jack stand’s height before locking it in place.

However, if you’re lifting the entire front or rear side of your car, use a jack point in the center of the frame or the front or rear suspension. You’ll need to use jack stands in pairs and they should be set and locked to equal height. If you want to gain more height, purchase taller jack stands instead of using a woodblock that can split or slip.

You’ll want to lower your car slowly. Make sure that its full weight rests on your jack stands. If you’re planning to lift the entire car, you’ll need to lift its front side first, to the maximum height your jack and jack stands can lift and support. Next, you may lift the rear side of your car and support it with another pair of jack stands.

  1. Do the shake test.

Before you get to work, you’ll need to confirm if the vehicle is secure by giving it a gentle shake. Your jack stands shouldn’t move if you wiggle them. If your jack stands aren’t firmly planted on the ground, they won’t be able to support your vehicle.


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