How to Go RV Camping in the Winter

5 Tips to Stay Warm and Toasty During Your Winter Adventure

Camping is a year-round activity, even though most folks prefer going outdoors when it is bright and sunny. It may sound a bit different to you if you haven’t tried it, but RV camping during the winter months also provides a ton of fun.

RV camping during the winter is far more complex than regular summer adventures, but it has its own charms. The weather could be chilly and the roads more slippery, but it’s nothing a few extra preps can’t remedy.

For outdoor lovers, it is something to cross off your bucket list. Once you’ve tried it though, you may want to do it over and over again.

Here are some ways to minimize the hassles of winter camping trips:

1. Install insulation on your RV.

To keep your living space warm and toasty, make sure to install insulation in your RV. This will not only keep you warm, but it will also protect your RV’s piping so heat does not get sucked out of the camper. You can do this by simply sealing windows and doors and installing window coverings such as window film or reflective foil.

You can also use heavy drapes to keep the warmth in. Heavy rugs and carpets are good alternatives if you don’t want to spend on floor insulation. Lastly, RV skirting is also a good idea to block the cold winds that can damage the interior.

2. Protect your RV plumbing.

Your RV plumbing may be prone to freezing when the weather is too cold. You can use heat tapes on pipes and hoses. You can also allow a small drip in your faucet to keep the water moving and keep the pipes from freezing. Use the internal freshwater tank as your main source of water. Add antifreeze to your holding tanks and make sure to only dump water when the tanks are full to prevent freezing.

3. Protect your engine.

Check your engine antifreeze and refill it with the proper concentration of antifreeze and water. Use at least 50% antifreeze when camping in freezing temperatures. You can also use engine block heaters for additional protection.

4. Check your RV furnace.

Make sure that your RV furnace is in good condition before taking a trip. To be sure, have it checked by a professional.

5. Pack the proper supplies.

If you want to stay warm and cozy inside your RV, pack breathable base layers, mid-layers, and warm hats and socks. Don’t forget warm sleeping bags, waterproof gloves, snow boots and goggles, headlamps, lanterns, shovels, tire chains, propane tanks, a blow dryer, and extra food and water.


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