How to Check the Essential Fluids in Your Car

Get to Know Better Your Vehicle’s Brake Fluid, Engine Oil, and Engine Coolant Levels

While some aspects of car maintenance require you to have some automotive technical know-how, checking your car’s essential fluids isn’t one of them. You can spot your vehicle’s fluid reservoirs as soon as you open your hood, which makes it simple to check their fluid levels. It’s something that anyone can do by themselves with just a little guidance.

Here are the 3 essential fluids of your vehicle and how you can check each one of them:

1. Brake fluid

Brake fluid amplifies your vehicle’s braking force and assists in transferring the force you create when you press down on the brake pedal. Brake fluid levels that are too low result in a loss of braking pressure and can cause you to get into an accident. Locating the reservoir isn’t difficult. The cap of the brake fluid reservoir usually has an octagon symbol with a circle in the middle. The word “DOT” may also be printed on the cap. The container is normally translucent, so you can see the current level of the brake fluid.

2. Engine oil

This is the lifeblood of your vehicle. If your engine oil is below the recommended minimum level, your engine’s performance will be affected and you run the risk of its components getting damaged. To check its level, find the reservoir either with the symbol of an oil lamp or with the word “OIL.” Most vehicles have an oil dipstick inside, which has marks to tell you where the current oil level is at.

3. Engine coolant

Your car’s engine coolant is responsible for absorbing your engine’s heat and dissipating it through your radiator. It keeps your engine’s temperature at an optimum level. A low coolant level means you risk your engine overheating. When checking your coolant, make sure the car is cold or has been sitting in a shaded area for several hours. If your car has a translucent reservoir, you can tell the coolant level without opening the reservoir. Some cars, however, will need you to open the reservoir and verify the level by looking inside.

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