How to Calculate Your MPG or Gas Mileage

Here’s How to Measure Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

MPG, or miles per gallon, is the total distance that a vehicle can travel on a single gallon of fuel. It’s the primary measurement used to determine a car’s fuel efficiency. Unless you’re someone who doesn’t care about how much they’re spending on gas, knowing your MPG can help you save up on fuel and plan your budget better.

This becomes even more important these days when fuel prices are on the rise.

Calculating your MPG is pretty easy; you won’t need any special equipment or gadgets. We’ve listed down below the five steps you need to follow so you can find out how much fuel you’re consuming for every mile when you’re out on the road.

  1. Fill up your gas tank.

Make sure to reset your odometer so you start with a clean slate. If you don’t want to reset your odometer, you can just record or take note of your car’s odometer mileage.

  1. Drive normally but keep a close eye on your fuel gauge.

Once your fuel indicator shows that you’ve used up at least half of your total fuel, head to a gas station to refuel.

  1. Take note of the amount of gas put in your tank to fill it up.

Record the total miles you’ve covered with the half-tank of gas you’ve consumed.

  1. If you reset your odometer, then just note down the miles recorded on it.

If you didn’t reset the odometer and the number of previous miles is still there, just subtract the current mileage with the total mileage you’ve recorded before.

  1. Divide the miles you’ve traveled with the number of gallons it took to fill your gas tank again.

The result will be your average miles per gallon or MPG.

MPG is simply the total miles you’ve driven divided by the gallons of fuel your vehicle has consumed.

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