How Much Is Boat Storage?

Things You Need to Know When Storing Your Boat

Storing your boat for the upcoming winter season? Or, maybe, you won’t be using it for a couple of months? Either way, it’s important to have it stored properly.

If you don’t have any space on your property to keep it, you’ll need to rent a storage facility. This begs the question: How much will you have to spend?

As you’re shopping around for boat storage options, be sure to inquire about their inclusions. Some facilities will only offer you storage space, while others provide extra services for your watercraft.

Unless it’s only the storage space you’re looking for, ask if the company offers the following:

  • Pick up and drop off
  • Hauling the boat in and out
  • Winterizing
  • Drainage of water system jack stands
  • Pressure washing
  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Preventative maintenance checkups and care


Types of Boat Storage and Their Price Estimates

Keep in mind that storing your boat is a year-long endeavor that can drill a hole in your wallet if you’re not careful. Depending on your location, boat storage can cost you a few thousand dollars.

It’s important to note that rates may vary drastically from one boat storage facility to another. Securing your spot late will likely cost you more. That said, here are your options along with their approximate prices:

  1. Dry boat storage

Dry boat storage refers to any boat storage that’s out of water. Keeping your vessel out of the water won’t only keep its exterior clean, but it will also lower the chance of mildew forming on its surface and other harmful water elements coming in.

While dry boat storage can be pricey, it can pay dividends in the long run. Since your boat won’t be exposed to the elements, this storage option can improve its longevity, which means fewer repairs in the future.

The costs of dry boat storage vary depending on factors like the size and type of your boat, your preferred amenities, the extent of boat coverage you need, and the availability of the facility.

Based on the type of dry storage you’re getting, here’s the range of affordability to expect:

  • Racking

Boat owners would agree that stacking their boats on a rack is the most expensive option. Fees can run up past $20 per foot, although most would stay around $10 per foot per month.

These fees can quickly add up depending on your vessel’s type and size. You might pay double if you own a high-performance boat.

  • Marina

Certain lakes or marinas offer boat storage minus the racking. While you’ll be paying less for storage, you’ll still be shelling out a few extra bucks for their services. Some marinas may offer to launch and retrieve your boat for you.

  • Storage unit

Keeping your boat in a storage unit won’t cost you as much as keeping it in your local marina. Prices for storing small boats run close to $100 a month. For bigger boats, the price is $200 or higher. A climate-controlled storage unit will cost you more, typically from $75 to $225 per month.

Make sure to check the storage unit sizes. You also have to know the height of your boat first before signing an agreement. Most storage units are around 8 to 10 feet in height. If you have a taller boat, you may have to look for a storage unit with a taller ceiling.

  1. Outdoor boat storage

If you can’t find an indoor storage unit that can fit the size of your boat, outdoor boat storage might just be your best option. It’s the option with the least amount of protection but also the most affordable.

Your vessel will be stored in a secure outdoor storage area. If you’re lucky enough, there might be some surveillance systems around.

Shrink-wrapping is essential if you’re storing your boat outdoors. The shrink wrap serves as a covering for the boat and its equipment to protect them from harsh weather elements such as extreme sunlight or snow. The covering will also help shield the boat from dust, debris, insects, rodents, and bird droppings.

The cost of shrink-wrapping can be anywhere from $10 to $15 per foot. If you have a 20-foot vessel, for instance, you’ll be spending between $200 and $300. You may also have to pay the marina additional fees to keep your boat there and to unwrap it once you want it back.

However, once your boat has been completely wrapped, you can’t re-access it until you’re ready to take it back out on the water. Another downside is security. With your boat parked outside, you might find yourself worrying about potential theft.


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