Helping Kids Get Ready for Surgery: 5 Ways to Comfort Them

How to Vanish Their Fears and Ease Their Mind

While it’s tough for parents to be told by their doctor that their child needs to undergo surgery, it’s much tougher for the child to understand why they need to go through the procedure.

Unlike other treatment methods, surgery requires a lot of preparation for both the parents and their child. Recovery may also take a while.

If you’ve been advised by your doctor that your child needs to go under the knife, you need to thoroughly prepare your young one for this critical procedure. Your child may not understand the risks that come with it. That’s why you need to talk to them openly but with care about it. Try your best to vanish their fears and ease their mind.

If you’re unsure how to approach the subject, Kids Car Donations shares the following helpful tips that should work for your little one:

  1. Be honest.

Kids may not understand what is going to happen during the surgery. Tell your child the truth and refrain from saying inaccurate things. Tell them that they may have to stay in the hospital for a little while and they may not be able to play with their friends for some time. Tell them why they need to undergo the procedure. Answer their questions frankly and encourage them to talk about their fears so you can address them.

  1. Reassure them.

You can reassure your kids that everything will be fine after the surgery without resorting to baseless platitudes to make them feel better. Focus on the positives of hospital stay like having their own bed to themselves, having special meals, and having doctors and nurses caring for them.

  1. Use a language they understand.

Kids may not be able to understand the technicalities of the surgery, so you need to explain the procedure to them in words that they can understand. Be especially careful when talking about incisions and wounds as this may scare them instead of reassuring them.

  1. Use playtime.

You can also be creative by using a stuffed toy to play doctor with your child to demonstrate the surgery. You can also get your child’s doctor involved since they are well experienced in dealing with sick children and are in a good position to relate to them.

  1. Be patient.

It’s going to be tough before and after the surgery, so be prepared for a long battle. The anxiety that comes with the uncertainty and the fatigue that comes with exhaustion may prove to be challenging. Hang in there because your child will need your full support.


Put Yourself in the Shoes of Impoverished Parents with a Child Needing Surgery

If you can’t help worrying about your child who is set to undergo surgery, imagine the consternation of financially struggling parents when they learn that their child needs to go through a delicate and costly operation. Not only do they worry about the possible outcome of the surgery, but they also worry about how they can raise enough funds to pay for the procedure and hospitalization of their little one.

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