Essential Bike Safety Tips for Kids

Here’s How to Protect Your Young Biker as Much as Possible

Whether your child is just learning to bike or is already a proficient rider, bike safety should always be a top priority. It cannot be denied that road accidents can happen to any biker at any time. Passing vehicles could accidentally bump them, they could collide with pedestrians, or they could hit a road bump, causing them to lose balance and crash on the ground.

When accidents like these happen, the better-protected bikers are more likely to emerge unscathed, unlike others. They are those who wear cycling helmets, reflective materials, knee and elbow pads, and other gear and clothing to protect their body in case they figure in a road mishap.

However, wearing protective gear is not the only bike safety measure your biking child should always be mindful of. Kids Car Donations recommends other ways of protecting your kid as much as possible when they go out to bike:

  1. Use proper equipment.

Make sure to purchase personal protective equipment that’s properly fitted for your child. If the gear is too loose or too tight, it may not serve its purpose and even cause harm. Right-sized helmets and elbow and knee pads can help prevent head injuries and scrapes.

  1. Ride in bicycle lanes.

Instruct your child not to bike on roads where there are fast-moving vehicles. They must only ride in bicycle lanes or sidewalks to avoid potential collisions with cars. When there are no bicycle lanes or sidewalks, tell them to ride in the same direction as the traffic and take the slow lane, which is the one farthest to the right, as much as possible.

  1. Learn proper hand signals.

Teach your child how to properly use hand signals to alert other road users of their next move. The hand signals they should learn how to use include the ones for turning left or right, going ahead, stopping, slowing down, and warning other road users about potholes on the road.

  1. Use bright colors.

Wearing bright-colored clothing, lights, and reflectorized stickers can give your child added visibility on the road so that motorists will be aware of them even from a distance.

  1. Join them when they bike.

Riding with your kid is a good opportunity to bond with them. It also serves as an opportunity to monitor their biking progress. If you feel that your child is ready to ride independently, you may allow them to do so or ask them to join their friends on their biking trips.


Is It Time to Dispose of Your Beater?

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Help Restore the Health of Ailing Kids Today!

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