Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Car’s Engine Bay

Here’s How to Clean Your Car’s Engine Compartment Like a Pro

A clean engine bay takes a lot of time and effort to achieve, and perhaps even double the effort to maintain it. Trust us, though: All your hard work in cleaning it will pay off.

Besides being such an attractive sight to see, a clean engine compartment can help you spot any leaks or any issues when they start, instead of leaving them concealed by grime.

So, if you’re one of those vehicle owners who only pay attention to the exterior of their cars when they clean them, you might want to take a close look at your car’s engine bay as well. Give your engine compartment the TLC it has been longing for. Here are the things you should and shouldn’t do:


Do: Take a photo of the engine bay before you start.

Don’t: Rush to remove the compartments right away.

Before you begin with the cleaning process, grab your phone and snap a photo of how everything looks. That way, you won’t forget how to put all the pieces back together once you’re done.

Just because you have an excellent memory or some reference materials doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to recall every detail perfectly. One glance at the picture might just be what you need to figure out where the odd-looking hose goes. Plus, you can use it to see how much improvement you made.


Do: Use the appropriate chemicals.

Don’t: Go nuts on the engine cleaner.

While aerosol engine cleaner does work well for heavily soiled engines, using it can be overkill in most instances. If you fail to rinse off all the residue, it can cause your car engine to erode. That’s certainly not something you’d want to happen!

You want to spend time spraying your preferred detailer on a clean rag and use it to wipe away the dirt. A good tip is to start with a quick detailer. If the grime appears stubborn, you may switch to more aggressive chemicals such as a carburetor or brake cleaner.

Although cleaning the engine bay this way is a time-consuming process, you have two things to look forward to: It stops chemicals from invading certain spots and it allows you to explore those same spots and see if there’s something that needs fixing.


Do what you can with the engine bay.

Don’t take anything apart unnecessarily.

If you have an urge to take things out of your engine bay to give it a more thorough cleaning, resist it. Unless your level of technical know-how is that high, don’t remove whatever you feel like removing.

In fact, you can clean your engine bay rigorously without taking out a single thing. Besides, you’ll only complicate the process and increase the risk of committing a mistake. You might as well leave things as they are, especially if it’s your first time.


Do: Use a regular garden hose.

Don’t: Use a high-pressure washer.

Washing off the grit and grime doesn’t have to involve something as intense as a high-pressure washer. A regular garden hose will do.

If you notice that the engine bay looks extremely filthy and desperately needs a good rinse-down, be sure that you carefully seal all electrical connections and crankcase openings before hosing it. If there’s not enough pressure from the hose, you can scrub off the persistent dirt using a soft bristle brush.


Do: Dry the engine compartment properly.

Don’t: Leave it to air dry.

It’s important to dry the engine bay once you’re done to remove any excess moisture. However, leaving the hood up and letting it air dry isn’t the way to go. It will take ages to dry out everything, particularly the secluded nooks and crannies.

Instead, use a fan or a leaf blower so that you can force air through the engine bay. You’ll give it proper ventilation to effectively dry out as soon as you’ve finished washing the area.

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