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Pregnant Woman Reading a Book | Kids Car Donations

Top 2 Books All New Parents Should Read

Top 2 Books All New Parents Should Read If you’re a parent who is currently experiencing sleepless nights, struggling with breastfeeding, and constantly rocking your crying baby just to get them to sleep, here’s a sure-fire solution. If you get hold of these top 2 books all new parents should read, you’ll learn all that …

Emergency Sunscreens | Kids Car Donations

How to Make A ‘Parent Car Emergency Kit’

How to Make A ‘Parent Car Emergency Kit’ Parents know only too well how difficult it can be to drive around with their little kids on the backseat. No, we’re not talking about the noises and distractions they tend to cause. We’re talking about the inconvenient circumstances that can happen unexpectedly while you’re on the …

Little Girl with the American Flags | Kids Car Donations

9 Memorial Day Activities For Kids

9 Memorial Day Activities for Kids There is no better time to teach your kids about the sacrifices that our country’s heroes have made when the entire nation commemorates Memorial Day on May 27 this year. Memorial Day holds a special place in the hearts of every American. And the holiday won’t be the same …

Little Boy Doing Chores | Kids Car Donations

6 Tips to Make Chores Fun for Kids

6 Tips to Make Chores Fun for Kids No child is a huge fan of chores. Whether it’s cleaning their rooms, helping their moms do the laundry, or washing their dishes after dinner, household chores just seem to be draining activities for kids. Some parents would even take the opportunity to assign chores to their …

Mother-in-law Portrait | Kids Car Donations

Practical Ways To Show Your Mother-In-Law That You Care

6 Practical Ways to Show Your Mother-In-Law that You Care If you have a mother-in-law who is awesome and very much unlike the typical one who’s overbearing, then count yourself blessed. Your spouse’s mother must be one of the sweetest, most selfless, considerate, and helpful human beings on the face of the earth. You probably …

Kid Doing Chores this Spring | Kids Car Donations

Spring Cleaning: Age Appropriate Chores For Kids

Spring Cleaning: Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids Parents don’t often require their kids to get involved in family chores. In fact, a survey noted that only 28% of American parents assign such chores to their children. As a result, you can find countless college students who are unable to perform basic household tasks simply because they …

Little Kid Flowering a Plant | Kids Car Donations

3 Spring-Themed Children’s Learning Activities

3 Spring-Themed Learning Activities for Your Children After the long cold months of winter, spring is finally here! Most kids love everything about spring – from watering plants to seeing the vibrant colors of blooming flowers and spending afternoons exploring insects and bugs. As we watch the plants growing ever so slowly in our garden, …

National Foster Care Month | Kids Car Donations

Let’s Show Our Support To All Foster Parents Out There – May is National Foster Care Month!

The National Foster Care Month! Over 440,000 kids and teens are currently in foster care in the United States based on the latest estimates. Among them, 118,000 are waiting to be adopted while the rest are still ineligible for adoption. Fortunately, these neglected girls and boys are never alone. With foster parents and social workers …

Maypole on a May Day | Kids Car Donations

4 Awesome Ways to Celebrate May Day

4 Awesome Ways to Celebrate May Day! Although May Day isn’t an official national holiday in the United States, countless people all over the country and throughout the northern hemisphere celebrate it in different ways and for different reasons. Some folks who want to celebrate all things spring dance around a maypole while others who …

Kids in Grand Canyon | Kids Car Donations

5 Practical Things You Can Do On April 22nd – Earth Day!

5 Practical Things You Can Do on April 22 – Earth Day We all know that Earth is the only planet known so far that can sustain human life. Unfortunately, a large portion of our world suffers from abuse and neglect. We need to wake up and realize the fact that if we continue destroying …

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