Best RV Types for Families

Looking for the Perfect Family RV? Choose From These 4 Types

RVing with the entire family is undoubtedly a great opportunity to bond, go on an adventure, and make unforgettable memories together. However, to guarantee the most pleasant outdoor experience for you and your loved ones, you need a vehicle that not only fits your entire family but one that also satisfies all your other wants and needs.

Do you intend to hit the road for months, or would you only be using it to camp on weekends? You must have a plan before deciding to buy an RV.

If you’re having trouble picking the ideal family RV as many do, Kids Car Donations is here to help you narrow down your choices. Below are the best RV types for families of different sizes.

  1. Fifth wheel

Best for a family of 4

Known for its homey atmosphere and spacious areas, a fifth wheel RV is an excellent choice for parents with two kids. Its high ceiling and amenities can easily make it a second home away from home. It comes with sleeping spaces that separate children from their parents, thus providing complete privacy.

What’s more, many fifth wheel models, particularly those with mid bunk rooms, can double as offices or study areas — perfect for those who are traveling long-term.

  1. Travel trailer

Best for a family of 4

A travel trailer offers multiple rooms, bathrooms, and amenities. With its inexpensive price compared to other RV types, you surely will get more bang for your buck with this one. The only downside is that it has the lowest storage capacity by weight and volume. Then again, it also weighs the least, which means a big vehicle isn’t necessary to haul it.

  1. Class C motorhome

Best for a family of 4

With large slide-outs, several sleeping areas, and plenty of storage capacity, a class C motorhome is one of the most popular RV types for small families. What makes a class C motorhome even better is that it doesn’t require you to hook it up to a trailer. Preparing for a trip will thus be less of a hassle and more exciting.

  1. Class A motorhome

Best for a family of 6

A large class A motorhome is undoubtedly the best RV type for a large family. Sure, many fifth wheels and travel trailers may have a sleeping capacity for up to 10 people, but they’re not built for bigger families.

Take the Winnebago Forza 38W, for example. It offers a comfortable sleeping area for up to eight people, including a queen bed in the main room, two twin bunk beds, a convertible dinette, and a sleeper sofa. Plus, it comes with two complete bathrooms.

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