5 Most Popular Trucks in America

Get to Know 5 of the Most Well-Loved Trucks in the Country

More than other types of vehicles, pickup trucks have gained a loyal following across America. Pickup owners are some of the most loyal motorists, with 80% of them choosing to replace their old pickup with a new one rather than any other type of vehicle.

A Ford survey found out that a whopping 79% of truck owners in the United States are willing to give up alcohol for a year than surrender their truck keys for the same duration, while 47% would be willing to part with their phones rather than lose their trucks.

While it’s pretty clear that trucks are well-loved by Americans, certain models have won the hearts of many. Here are five of them as compiled by Kids Car Donations:

  1. GMC Sierra

With an outstanding build quality, exceptional performance, and consistently high ratings, the GMC Sierra is among the top pickup trucks in the United States. Although it shares similarities with the Chevy Silverado, the Sierra boasts more features and is marketed as the more luxurious of the two.

  1. Ford Ranger

We live in a country where many people think bigger is better. However, the Ford Ranger is proof that this is not always the case. Although it’s slightly smaller and less powerful than most trucks, the Ranger appeals to a lot of people throughout America with its array of customizations. It is also equipped with smart features that one might not expect to find in a truck. These features are designed to make life on the road much more convenient.

  1. RAM 1500

This truck is ranked #1 in full-size pickup trucks by U.S. News, and we can see why many Americans wouldn’t beg to differ. It’s powerful, comfortable, and has zero weakness. The RAM 1500 offers a wide range of tech features. Plus, it provides the nicest interior of any full-size pickup truck.

  1. Chevrolet Silverado

As mentioned earlier, the Sierra is deemed more luxurious than the Chevy Silverado. However, in terms of popularity and accessibility, the latter is the winner. The Silverado is almost three times as popular as its Sierra rival. Many Americans choose it for its strength, dependability, and performance. Another major selling point is that the Silverado sells for about $1,500 less than the Sierra at its base price.

  1. Ford F-Series

Saving the most popular truck in America for last, we have the Ford F-series. This truck has been our nation’s source of pride since its debut over 100 years ago. It has become the quintessential American pickup. Various levels to fit every budget? Check! Excellent handling and first-class build quality? Check! Superb towing and hauling capacity? Check!


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