5 Common Reasons Why Your Car Battery Keeps Dying

Identify the Battery Killers and Deal with Them!

Different reasons can cause a car battery to lose its life. When yours dies once, it’s easy to convince yourself to write it off as a fluke. However, when it keeps dying over and over again, you shouldn’t just ignore it. Unless you’re willing to run the risk of getting stranded somewhere with no help in sight, you should deal with the problem right away.


Why Does Your Battery Die Repeatedly?

Without a working battery, you won’t be able to start your car or run its accessories. Unfortunately, car batteries usually die at the worst possible times. If you’re wondering why your battery is repeatedly dying, check this out:

  1. You’ve left your headlights or dome lights on.

Perhaps you were rushing to get inside your home to avoid the pouring rain, or your child was playing with the dome light. Any power consumption that lasts for more than 6 hours can leave your battery undercharged. Leaving your vehicle fully illuminated for more than 10 hours can suck all the juice out of your battery.

  1. Your battery terminals have corroded or loose connections.

The cables responsible for providing power to your battery are connected to terminals. Electricity passes through these cables each time the alternator recharges your battery. If this physical point of connection is compromised, your charging system won’t work.

Unfortunately, battery acid is highly corrosive and it also releases hydrogen gas that can cause a buildup of corrosion on the battery terminals. Likewise, the battery’s charging system won’t work if its cables are physically loose.

  1. Your battery experiences excessive parasitic drain.

Your battery experiences a parasitic drain each time something drains its power when your car is switched off. A small amount of parasitic drain is acceptable because your alarms, clocks, and audio system need to keep running even when your engine isn’t on. However, excessive parasitic drains due to glove box and trunk lights that come on or other issues with the wiring can drain your battery and leave your car unable to start.

  1. You usually drive short distances.

Your battery puts out the most power during ignition. Your battery won’t have enough time to fully recharge if you only take your vehicle on short drives. Taking at least one long trip in a week should help you completely recharge the battery.

  1. Your alternator is defective.

Besides providing power to your vehicle’s electrical systems, it’s the alternator’s job to recharge your battery. If your alternator is bad, your battery won’t be able to get enough energy to start the engine when you turn the ignition. A battery that doesn’t get the charge it needs will keep on dying.

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