5 Common Car Noises and What They Could Mean

Listen Carefully When Your Car Tells You Something Isn’t Right

Unless you’re ready to plunk more money into another big repair, you need to learn how to pay close attention to the noises that your car makes. Whether it’s a clunk, a clank, or a squeal, resist the urge to turn up your radio to drown out the noise. Instead, try to figure out where those strange noises are coming from. When something is out of whack, you can trust your car to produce noises that you don’t normally hear.


What Are the 5 Common Car Noises and What They Could Mean?

It’s best to learn how to identify the noises that your car makes to know if the underlying problem warrants an urgent trip to your trusted auto repair shop. To give you a head start, Kids Car Donations has pulled together these 5 common car noises and what they could mean.

1. Scraping noise from your windshield wiper

A scraping noise could be a sign that your windshield wiper is wearing down. Unless you get this problem fixed right away, the worn-out wiper will eventually scratch your windshield, damaging it. A damaged windshield will cost you a pretty penny to replace. Moreover, driving in the rain with a bad wiper will also increase your chances of getting into a road accident.

2. Growling and grinding noises from your brakes

Are you hearing loud metal-grinding noises coming from your brakes? This could indicate that the calipers are grinding against the rotor because the brake pads are already worn out. You need to get your car to a shop as quickly as you can to avoid compromising your safety while driving.

3. Slapping noises when you run your A/C

Although this isn’t a serious issue, the constant slapping and flapping noises coming from your blowers or air conditioner can be very annoying. This could be caused by a ventilation flap that’s misaligned, loose, or worn out. To resolve this, call your mechanic to schedule an A/C performance check.

4. Screeching noise from under your hood

When your serpentine belt is loose or worn out, you’ll hear a continuous pattern of screeching noise coming from under your hood. Since this component drives your water pump, alternator, radiator fan, air conditioning compressor, and power steering pump, you need to have it looked at ASAP. The last thing you need is a serpentine belt that snaps unexpectedly.

5. Whining or howling noises from under the car

If you hear whining or low-pitched humming noises from under your car, these usually mean that your bearings aren’t functioning properly. In case you’re not aware, bearings are those tiny metal balls that are responsible for helping certain car parts rotate smoothly.

Your front-wheel bearings need to be checked if you’re driving a front-wheel drive and you hear this whining noise each time you turn left, right, and back. However, if you have a rear-wheel drive and you notice a howl that steadily grows when you’re accelerating, this could mean that your differential is leaking fluid. Make sure to resolve this issue right away.

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