5 Best Boat Types for Families

Choose the Right Type of Boat for Your Family

Many families have gravitated toward boating thanks to numerous water-related activities such as fishing, snorkeling, surfing, diving, and others. Not only are these activities fun for the entire family, but they also present an opportunity for parents to bond with their youngsters.

If you’re considering buying a boat for these reasons, it’s important to choose the right type of boat. This can be a daunting task with a wide range of boat types to choose from. Whichever best suits your family will depend on various factors, including the boating activities you enjoy as a bunch and the size you prefer.

To help you narrow down your choices for the perfect family boat, Kids Car Donations has rounded up five of the best types of watercraft out there.

  1. Fish-and-ski boat

As the name implies, a fish-and-ski boat is designed to support both angling and watersports in a single do-it-all family fun platform. You can chase and catch aquatic creatures in the morning, enjoy water skiing, wakeboarding, tow tubing, and other similar activities in the afternoon, and end the day with a lovely sunset cruise. Most fish-and-ski boats are made for fresh-water use. They come in two general categories:

  • Runabout

Many of the deck boats and bowriders we have now are sold with a fish-and-ski option package, while others come with a group of features. These features typically comprise a live well, trolling motor, convertible forward and aft decks, and storage for fishing rods and tackle.

  • Fishing boat

For a family that’s keen on angling but also wants to use the same boat for cruising and watersports, this fish-and-ski boat model is the answer. This one either starts with a bass fishing or a multi-species fishing boat, after which you add features to make it work for watersports and family cruising.

  1. Bowrider

If you and your family enjoy water joyrides, swimming at the beach, towing water toys, and just relaxing with an awe-inspiring view of the ocean, you might want to seriously consider getting a bowrider. With its versatility, easy access to the water, and ample seating, the bowrider is easily one of the best types of family boats.

Although a bowrider may not be ideal for activities like fishing or overnight cruising, it can be used for just about any other water-related activity you can imagine. It comes in different sizes, too — from small roundabouts to 30-something footers with full bathrooms and galleys to provide you with the most comfortable water experience.

  1. Pontoon boat

The stable, homely platform that a pontoon boat provides is the reason why it’s the perfect choice for a family who loves to kick back and lounge on the water. What’s more, it’s equipped with a powerful engine that offers thrilling performance and the ability for passengers to engage in watersports. Plus, its deck is surrounded by a fence, adding to its appeal for those with younger kids.

  1. Cabin cruiser

While a cabin cruiser can cost quite a bit more than other types of boats, it offers many unique activities that a family will enjoy — from weekending aboard and visiting distant places to taking a family vacation on the water. Think of it as the water version of an RV!

  1. Walkaround

If fishing, day cruising, and overnighting on a boat are your ideas for family fun, a walkaround boat may be your best bet. It normally has a huge, open aft cockpit where you can move to and fro or simply sit still and appreciate the scenic views. This boat also provides both weather protection and sleeping accommodations. No wonder many angling families pick walkarounds as their choice of water transport!

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