5 Benefits of Therapy Dogs for Autistic Children

Sometimes a Furry Friend Is All We Need

Living with autism is certainly not easy. For those living with this developmental disability, everyday life is a constant challenge as they have to deal with emotional, social, and even physical stress.

Autism isn’t an illness or a disease. It’s not something that can be “cured” or treated. It’s a lifelong disability that makes people living with autism perceive the world differently. While life for them is a bit better now than it used to be years before, social stigma is still present.

People who have autism generally feel “ashamed” or “isolated” from society because of the way people look and treat them.

This is where therapy dogs come in. These trained canines provide rays of sunshine that can brighten anyone’s day. For children with autism, therapy dogs serve as their furry friends and companions, giving them therapeutic benefits. Some therapists use therapy dogs during their sessions to help their young patients settle in, making them more comfortable and open to communicating.

Somehow, dogs have a way of making some people feel better just by being there. Whether it’s because of their wagging tails or their excited faces, a bad day suddenly doesn’t seem so bad anymore.


How Therapy Dogs Can Help Children with Autism

Even without training, dogs have a natural desire to be close to humans and provide them comfort. Kids with autism often suffer from bullying and depression. Therapy dogs serve as great friends to help them deal with their stress and troubles.

Here are 5 benefits that therapy dogs can provide children who are living with autism:

1. They respond to meltdowns.

Therapy dogs are trained to respond to human meltdowns. When they see children beginning to show signs of such a meltdown, they respond by gently leaning on them and then either nuzzling or licking them. They do that to calm the children.

2. They serve as playmates.

Children love games, and therapy dogs are trained to play certain games. These games can range from tug-of-war, fetch, and even wrestling! Of course, the dogs are also trained to be as gentle as possible. Aggressiveness is never a trait that can be found in therapy dogs.

3. They are there during times of anxiety.

If a therapy dog senses that a child is upset or anxious, it is taught to lean and lie over the kid. The pressure the dog applies helps soothe the child’s anxieties and put their worries away.

4. They make children more engaged.

With their dogs present, children with autism tend to be more engaged and alert. The canines help them build their confidence and social skills and lessen their tendencies to exhibit negative behavior.

5. They become true friends.

One of the best benefits that therapy dogs can give is their gift of friendship. Dogs have a way of quickly creating bonds with humans, especially with children. Sometimes in our darkest days, all we need is a friend to be there without any form of judgment.


Some Kids Need More Than Canine Friends

Therapy dogs are great companions for children with autism. However, some troubled kids need more than canine friends. Youngsters facing serious health challenges need proper pediatric treatment and health care. Unfortunately, kids who come from low-income families are unable to get access to such treatment.

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