4 Possible Reasons Why Your Car A/C Is Blowing Hot Air

Don’t Shrug Off This Telltale Sign Lest Your Air Conditioning System Fall Apart

Your car’s air conditioner is meant to provide you with coolness and comfort on your ride. But if your A/C is blowing hot air instead of cold, there is something wrong with your auto. Not only does this spell discomfort for you and your passengers, but this can also be an indicator of a bigger problem for your car.

There are several possible reasons why your car is blowing hot air. Some are easy to fix while some may take the expertise of a car mechanic. Kids Car Donations presents four common causes of this problem.

1. Leak in the refrigerant

The refrigerant is a liquid that circulates through your A/C system. It expands and contracts as it removes humidity from the cabin. Without an ample amount of refrigerant, your A/C components will not function properly.

Refrigerants can leak because of an old hose or a rusted or punctured evaporator. It’s pretty tricky to spot a refrigerant leak because the liquid evaporates into the air. To confirm if there is a leak, you may need to take your car to the mechanic so they can inject dye into the system to trace the leak. Once the leak is repaired, the car’s A/C needs to be recharged so it can function properly again.

2. Faulty condenser

If your car’s condenser fails to keep the refrigerant cool, then you get a blast of hot air instead of cool air from your A/C. A common problem for condensers is blockage by road debris. Another possible problem is that the condenser may have been damaged by sudden impact. You can check if the condenser is faulty by checking the grate. The condenser is located between the grate and the radiator.

3. Broken compressor

The compressor circulates the refrigerant through the system. If the compressor is broken, the antifreeze won’t reach the condenser for cooling. Compressors often suffer issues after long periods of not being used. To prevent this from happening, you can activate it using a defrost setting.

4. Electrical issues

A frayed wire or a blown fuse can cause your A/C to blow hot air. For starters, you can conduct a visual check of your car’s fuse box and wiring to check if these are preventing your A/C from functioning properly. If the issue seems too complex, a visit to the mechanic is recommended.

Wondering What to Do with Your Clunker?

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