4 Easy Ways to Protect Your Car from Salt Corrosion

Don’t Let Salt Corrosion Eat Your Car!

Winter isn’t a pleasant season for cars, and that’s something that all drivers can probably attest to. From draining car batteries and underinflating your tires to freezing your windshield wipers, we can’t deny that low temperatures can be such a major nuisance. Moreover, we have to contend with harsh winter elements, particularly road salt.

Salt on the roads can pose a problem for car owners, as prolonged exposure to it may lead to costly vehicle damage. Not only does road salt gradually ruin your car’s paint job, but it will also cause rust to invade your precious ride. Though road salt doesn’t necessarily accelerate corrosion, it takes a toll on the exposed metal parts.

Fortunately, you can take simple steps to combat salt corrosion even without requiring the services of a professional. Kids Car Donations listed those steps below:

  1. Wash and wax.

Giving your car a good wash and wax (at least three times a year) is perhaps the best way to ensure it doesn’t experience rusting. Ideally, you’ll want to wash it regularly and wax it at least three times a year. One of those times should be right before the arrival of winter.

First, thoroughly wash your vehicle. Then, apply a wax coating proceeded by wax sealant so that the wax will stick to the car’s finish. Pay extra attention to the brakes and fuel lines since they’re susceptible to corrosion. Leaving them to corrode can result either in an accident or car damage.

  1. Place rubber mats on the flooring.

Another way to safeguard your automobile from salt corrosion is by putting rubber mats on the flooring. How so, you ask? Well, salty snow that your shoes picked up outside as you enter your car will melt and eventually find its way into your car’s bare metal floor, causing it to rust.

  1. Take care of those small scratches before winter starts.

Fix minor car problems like dents and scratches before they turn into bigger issues due to rusting triggered by road salt. Keep in mind that rust can slowly work its way into those scratches no matter how small they may be. That’s why it’s crucial to address the issue as soon as you notice it.

  1. Stay away from deep snow and puddles.

Deep snow on the road can pose a threat to you and your vehicle. Besides increasing your odds of getting stuck and stranded, there’s also the possibility of moisture and salt entering your undercarriage. This, in turn, can lead to corrosion and even drivability problems.

The same goes for puddles. They’re not just magnets for slimy dirt, but they also pick up a lot of road salt. So, the next time you drive around in winter and you see puddles and deep snow, try your best to avoid them.

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