3 Best Vehicles for New Drivers: 2021 Edition

These Cars Offer Safety, Reliability, ana Little Bit of Luxury

A new driver’s first car will always be something special. That is why choosing the right vehicle for your teener who has just learned how to drive is of such importance. Don’t just buy them a car based on how it looks. Consider other factors as well. How modern are its features? Is it reliable on the road? How readily available are its replacement parts in case you need them?

While you do have the option to buy your teen just a used vehicle, as such is the case for most first-time vehicle owners, a brand-new car is less prone to mechanical issues and will be under warranty. This makes it less of a headache for an inexperienced driver like your kid, who might not even know how to replace a tire or tell if their battery has gone dead.

For new drivers, their ideal first car should be a vehicle that they can drive easily, helping them build their confidence on the road. We’ve listed 3 of the best cars that offer newbies safety, reliability, and a little bit of luxury in their features to keep the newbies entertained.

1. Kia Picanto 2021

A sensible choice for city drivers, the Kia Picanto is a practical and quality choice for drivers who have little to no experience on the road. It has a decent infotainment system available that’s useful for out-of-town getaways, including a touchscreen sat-nav. The older Picanto models are undeniably a bit bulky and dull, but the newer ones are more refined, sleek, and have a more youthful appeal.

2. Ford Fiesta 2019

The Ford Fiesta is easy to drive and has a plethora of safety features that overprotective parents would just love to have. It has a MyKey system that allows doting moms and dads the ability to restrict the maximum speed the car can go, which makes it a good choice especially for teenagers with a bit of a wild side. Sadly, the model has been discontinued as the company shifts its focus to SUVs. 2019 was its final model year in the U.S. Still, the car is a solid choice as a starter car for beginner drivers.

 3. Kia Soul 2021

Kia Soul is a practical, spacious, and solid car. It’s one of the safest cars out there, one that a new driver will be grateful to have. Automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, and blind-spot monitoring are just some of the model’s safety features that will help keep inexperienced drivers out of harm’s way.

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