What Is Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

Fast Facts About Its Coverage, Price, and Limits

Automobile insurance comes in so many different types that many new car owners find it confusing to choose the right policy for them.

When searching for the type of auto insurance that you need, you should check not only the premiums of various types of insurance policies. You also need to understand the coverage of each of those policies. For instance, what will your insurance policy cover in case you get involved in a road accident?

Comprehensive auto insurance is a type of car insurance that covers auto damage from causes other than a collision with another vehicle. It covers natural disasters, road accidents, vandalism, damage from break-ins, being crushed by infrastructures such as buildings or bridges, and many other causes of car damage.

Comprehensive insurance is one of the components of an automobile insurance policy. While many states require vehicles to have liability insurance, comprehensive insurance is optional. It is, however, required by most lenders because liability insurance alone does not cover damage due to “acts of God” or events outside of human control.


What Comprehensive Insurance Covers

Here are some specific events related to car damages that comprehensive auto insurance covers:

  • Natural disasters including earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes
  • Contact with animals on the road, such as hitting a deer
  • Fire
  • Riots and vandalism
  • Vehicle theft
  • Theft of certain parts of the vehicle
  • Broken windshields
  • Fallen objects
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Is Comprehensive Car Insurance Practical?

While comprehensive auto insurance is advisable for newer cars, it may not be practical for old cars or those that have lost a significant amount of their value. However, some vehicle owners choose to get comprehensive auto insurance so they can raise their deductibles, thus enabling them to reduce their car insurance premiums.

Additional Fast Facts about Comprehensive Auto Insurance

  • It costs below $200 in most states.
  • You can compare the rates from different providers to get the best deal.
  • It does not cover personal items stolen from your vehicle.
  • It does not cover damage from potholes.


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While car insurance protects car owners from any untoward incident that can happen to their vehicles, health insurance assures people that their medical needs will be taken care of if they fall ill.

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