What Is Collision Auto Insurance?

Understand What It Covers to See If It’s Right for Your Needs

Are you confused about what to include in your auto insurance to get the most extensive coverage in case of a road accident?

Before getting an auto insurance policy, it’s important to know the different types of insurance coverage that you can avail yourself of. These types of coverage are meant to protect you in case of a road mishap, whether it be caused by natural disasters, theft, vehicle collision, or even if you’re the one responsible for the accident.

Collision auto insurance is the type of coverage you need to pay for repairs or replacement if your car is damaged in a road accident resulting from a collision with another vehicle or when it hits any other object such as a fence, a tree, or an electric pole. This is typically required by money lenders if you are financing your car, but it becomes optional if you have already paid off your loan.


What Collision Auto Insurance Covers?

Collision auto insurance does not cover all accidents. As the name suggests, it is limited to accidents involving collisions. Collision auto insurance only covers the following accidents:

  • Collision with another vehicle
  • Collision with an object, such as a fence or tree
  • A single-car accident that involves rolling or falling over
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What It Does Not Cover?

On the other hand, the following accidents are not covered by collision auto insurance:

  • Vehicle damage caused by natural disasters or theft
  • Damage to another person’s vehicle
  • Medical bills related to road accidents


Other Key Details about Collision Auto Insurance

Here are other key details about collision auto insurance to help you decide whether you should add it to your policy:

  • Collision insurance has a deductible, which is the amount you pay before your coverage helps pay for your claim. If you choose a lower deductible, this can increase your premium.
  • Collision insurance has a limit on the amount that the insurer will pay in case of an accident. It is typically your car’s cash value minus the deductibles.
  • Even if you are no longer required to obtain collision auto insurance, it is still a practical type of insurance coverage that you’ll need to ensure that you’ll get money to replace your car if it is totaled in an accident.



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