What Is a Full Diagnostic on a Car?

Why Your Car Is Like Your Body

Just like the human body, your car also needs proper maintenance and regular checkups. Regular diagnostic tests can help catch simple car issues that could lead to complex problems if left unaddressed. Unless you want to spend a pretty penny on repairs, you need to make it a habit to have your car checked regularly — even before the warning lights turn on.

What Exactly Is a Full Diagnostic on a Car?

A full diagnostic on a car is comparable to a doctor’s checkup. Your car gets hooked up to a diagnostic machine that recognizes and identifies any potential problem. Although a full car diagnostic is usually performed at the dealership or auto service shops, car owners who have the right tools and knowledge can also run a full diagnostic themselves.

Modern vehicle models have built-in systems and microchips that show the exact part of their vehicle that’s having problems. This makes it easier for some to diagnose car troubles. However, even if your car comes with these high-tech systems, experts still recommend running regular full diagnostic tests on your vehicle.


Why Is It Important?

One of the most important reasons why performing regular car diagnostic tests is important is that it ensures the safety of the driver on the road. A faulty car can present a lot of problems for the driver and others on the road. For example, if you have a worn-out brake pad, your car’s brakes may not hold as much and could result in a road accident.

Other reasons why your car needs a full diagnostic include:

  • Save on costly repairs.
  • Avoid random car breakdowns.
  • Prolong your vehicle’s life.
  • Detect problems earlier.

The most obvious sign of car trouble is a blinking check engine light. However, there are times when car trouble happens but the check engine light won’t come on. Car diagnostic tests can help detect these subtle problems.


How Much Does a Car Diagnostic Cost?

If you Google how much a car diagnostic costs, you’ll see results ranging from $20 to $400. But the cost of the service will depend on your location. The best way to know how much it costs is to ask.

Some auto service centers offer a free diagnostic check on cars. Oftentimes, this is their way of marketing their business to boost sales. Again, it never hurts to ask.


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