Taxpayers Urged to Pay Early Even with July 15th Tax Deadline Extension

Taxpayers Urged to Pay Early Even with July 15th Tax Deadline Extension

If you haven’t filed your federal taxes just yet, here’s some news you’d like to hear: The deadline has been moved to the 15th of July!

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the IRS has given Americans 90 more days to file their federal tax returns and pay their taxes. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin officially announced the move on March 20 following a directive from President Trump and after seeing that the coronavirus outbreak has caused a massive economic fallout in the country. President Trump said the extension will provide more time for all taxpayers and businesses to file their returns and make tax payments “without interest or penalties.”

Nevertheless, Mnuchin urged taxpayers who expect to receive tax refunds to file as soon as possible, so they can promptly claim their refunds. The same advice goes for those who are not sick or directly affected by the coronavirus. As with any other year, you have the option to request a six-month extension to file your tax return.

It’s important to note that the new tax deadline only applies to federal income tax payments. This means that the states have to set their own tax deadlines. For instance, California residents can file and pay their state taxes until the 15th of June.


Better to File Now Than Wait

Although Congress has started working on a stimulus package that will send relief checks to taxpayers across the U.S., there are still uncertainties as to who will qualify and how long will it take for the money to arrive. This is why Mnuchin encouraged taxpayers to move now.

To claim your refund as early as possible, the IRS suggests e-filing and choosing direct deposit. Out of 10 taxpayers who are owed refunds, nine of them who opt for this method normally get theirs within 21 days following their return submission.

Also, since there’s no guarantee that your state will allow you extra time to file your federal taxes, you might as well just do it along with your state taxes. Besides, wouldn’t you want to be productive during your home quarantine?

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