Surving Hospital Stays: A Guide For Children

Make Hospital Stays Less Boring for Your Kiddo!

Hospital stays are never fun. No one likes to get stuck in the same room for days and weeks, lying on the bed the entire day while restlessly waiting for the doctor’s approval to go home. This is especially difficult for young kids who tend to get impatient.

As a parent, know that you can do many things to keep your child entertained while they’re recovering from their hospital bed. You can let your child play with mind-stimulating games, read fantasy books, or watch ridiculously hilarious video clips. At the end of the day, however, it’s your company that matters the most to your little one.

Here’s a list of fun activities to help your child combat boredom and anxiety during a long hospital stay:

  • Start a journal.

Journaling is a great outlet to express oneself. Encourage your child to narrate their experiences at the hospital, how they feel at the moment, or just about anything they want to talk about.

  • Create a scrapbook.

Unleash the creative side of your child by creating a scrapbook together. Bring family photos, memorabilia, embellishments, and coloring materials. Give them the freedom to come up with the whole concept.

  • Play board games.

With board games like Scrabble, Sequence, and Zingo, your child will definitely enjoy and develop learning skills at the same time!

  • Read books.

Young kids love hearing tales with happy endings, while older ones are likely to prefer novels or comics. You might even want to bring educational books to get your child ready for school.

  • Engage in art.

Ease your child’s stress and tension through the use of art. Bring them sketch pads, coloring books, or even clay toys to mold figures using their imaginative mind.

  • Sing along to your favorite tunes.

It’s your child’s time to shine with a fantastic song number or two. A duet doesn’t sound bad, either!

  • Use gadgets.

Whether it’s for playing games, reading, watching videos, or catching up with friends, give your child time to use your phone, tablet, or laptop. Just make sure to limit their screen time.

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