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You Can Do Something Simple That Can Touch Children’s Lives

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Huntington on Long Island is one of the best places to live in New York. Regarded as one of Long Island’s trendiest and most diverse towns, Huntington features natural and historic sites. Residing in Huntington provides homeowners with a sparse suburban feel. Most residents own their homes. Huntington’s public schools are highly rated.

However, as in every other part of the country, a tiny percentage of residents still require assistance. In its 2021 population estimates, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that 5.5% of Huntington’s population of 204,197 lived below the poverty threshold while 3.7% of individuals under the age of 65 did not have health insurance.

This number included children and teens struggling with serious health conditions. What’s even more unfortunate is that many of them are unable to seek proper medical care and treatment due to financial incapacity.


What We’re Doing to Help Young Americans Needing Medical Aid

We at Kids Car Donations and our IRS-certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit partners are working together to improve the health and well-being of every child and teenager in the United States. Our part in this earnest effort is to run vehicle donation programs across the country to raise funds for children’s nonprofit organizations that are in partnership with us.

We sell all vehicles donated to us through auctions and use the proceeds to support our charity partners’ pediatric health care programs and services. Vehicle donations help sustain their operation, enabling them to provide medical assistance to more of their young beneficiaries. The aid they provide includes solutions and treatments to various pediatric health challenges, emotional support, and relief of pain and trauma for those kids confined in hospitals.

You can team up with us and extend much-needed medical assistance to the needy children in your town by taking part in our car donation program in Huntington, Long Island, NY.


Get These Valuable Rewards for Your Donation

Participating in our Huntington, Long Island car donation program will entitle you to great benefits. Expect to receive the following rewards when you donate your unwanted vehicle to Kids Car Donations:

  • Hassle-free disposal of your unwanted vehicle

You can sit back and relax as we take care of processing your vehicle donation. With us as your charity partner, you won’t have to go through the hassle of finding a buyer for your unneeded car.

  • Free vehicle pickup

There’s no need to drive your auto or have it towed to our vehicle collection center. You don’t have to hire a towing company since we’ll be the ones to take care of that. Put your wallet back in your pocket because you won’t have to pay for anything since the towing fee is on us.

We work with IRS-approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. This means your Huntington, Long Island car donation is fully tax-deductible.

  • The priceless feeling of satisfaction

More than the material benefits you’ll get, your gift will allow you to experience the joy and satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping ailing kids regain their health and have a bright future.


Making a Huntington, Long Island Car Donation Is Incredibly Easy!

We want to make things as simple and convenient as much as possible for our donors. You can expect a seamless and simple process when you donate an automobile to us in Huntington, Long Island, NY.

Take a look at our three-step donation process:

  • Step 1: Connect with us.

Fill out our online donation form here. You can also call us at 866-634-8395. We’ll ask for your contact information and a few details about the vehicle you’re donating, such as its model, make, mileage, and whether or not it’s still in good condition.

  • Step 2: Set the schedule for your vehicle’s pickup.

We’ll take care of hiring the services of a licensed towing company to pick up your donation. Tell us your preferred time, date, and place for this. You don’t need to be at the pickup location to avoid contact with our towing crew for your safety and protection. Just ensure that your vehicle’s title and keys are inside for our driver to collect. Make sure your automobile doors are unlocked as well.

We’ll send you a towing receipt, which you can use to cancel the insurance coverage of your car and de-register at your local DMV.

  • Step 3: Claim your tax reward.

We’ll have your car fixed and polished before putting it up for sale. Rest assured that we’ll do everything to sell it at its highest possible price so you can claim the maximum tax deduction. We’ll send you your auto’s 100% tax-deductible sales receipt by email after the sale. You’ll need this receipt to claim your tax deduction the next tax season.

That’s how simple it is to make a vehicle donation to Kids Car Donations. Visit our FAQs page for more information about tax deductions and other related topics. If you can’t find the answers to your concerns there, give us a call at 866-634-8395 or send us a message here.


The Different Vehicle Types We Accept

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You’ll be pleased to find that we take practically any type of vehicle in our Huntington, Long Island car donation program, whether it’s an old car, a recreational vehicle, an old boat, or even a small aircraft.

If you decide to donate any of these vehicles to Kids Car Donations, please give us a call:

  • Cars: sedans, wagons, coupes, convertibles, hatchbacks, hybrids, sports cars, luxury cars
  • SUVs: compact, midsize, full-size, or crossover versions
  • Vans: camper vans, family minivans, passenger vans, cargo vans
  • Trucks: pickup, box trucks, flatbed, pickup trucks extended cab, business trucks, tank trucks, trucks, panel trucks, refrigerator trucks
  • Motorcycles: scooters, mopeds, touring bikes, cruisers, sports bikes, choppers, off-road bikes
  • Recreational vehicles: ATVs, campers, pop-up trailers, RVs, travel trailers, snowmobiles, motor home
  • Work-related vehicles: landscaping vehicles, farm equipment, construction vehicles, and tractors
  • Watercraft: Jet Skis, fishing boats, speedboats, yachts, sailboats, catamarans, tugboats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, houseboats
  • Specialized vehicles: riding lawnmowers, golf carts, motorized wheelchairs
  • Aircraft: helicopters, non-commercial planes


Help Restore the Health of Your Town’s Ailing Children Today!

Your old commuter car may no longer serve you well, but you can still give it a worthy purpose. Donating that vehicle to us can mean the difference between life and death for the severely sick kids in your town. Call Kids Car Donations at 866-634-8395 or fill out our secure online donation form to help save the lives of these kids now!

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