How Often Should You Change Your Air Filter?

Keep Your Car in Tip-Top Shape By Knowing When to Replace Your Air Filter

Changing your air filter — that’s something that many of us pay little attention to, not knowing that it’s one of the easiest and least expensive ways to keep our cars running smoothly.

Not only does a clean air filter help maintain good fuel economy, but it also prevents dirt and dust from causing damage to your car’s engine over time. In short, it plays a key role in keeping your car in tip-top shape!

That’s why you need to inspect your air filter periodically and know when it’s time to replace it. Don’t wait for a warning light to pop out on your dashboard or a strange noise to come out in your engine compartment before bothering to check your air filter.

If you want to extend the life of your car for as long as possible and maintain its fuel efficiency, you need to know the ideal time for changing your air filter as well as the signs indicating that it’s time to do so.


When’s the Right Time to Change Your Air Filter?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, including:

  • Your car’s year, make, and model
  • How you drive
  • How often do you drive
  • Where you drive

As a general rule, most manufacturers recommend changing your air filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. However, if you frequently drive in dusty or polluted areas, you may need to change it more frequently.


5 Signs That Your Air Filter Needs to Be Changed

Here are the five most common signs that tell you it’s time to change your car’s air filter:

  1. Reduced engine performance

A dirty or clogged air filter can restrict the airflow to the engine, leading to reduced engine performance. You may notice that your car is not accelerating as quickly or smoothly as it usually does.

  1. Decreased fuel efficiency

Your car’s engine may have a hard time functioning if you have a clogged air filter, which in turn, can decrease your car’s fuel efficiency. When this happens, you’ll find yourself filling up your gas tank more often than usual.

  1. Check engine light

If your car’s check engine light comes on, it may indicate that you have a blocked air filter. The check engine light can suggest several issues, including problems with the air intake system.

  1. Unusual engine sounds

A dirty air filter can also cause your engine to make strange noises, such as a rough idle or whistling noise. These sounds may be telling you that your engine is not receiving enough air.

  1. Strong odor from the engine

A clogged air filter can cause a strong odor to emanate from your engine. This odor can be caused by the buildup of contaminants in the filter.


Time for a Car Change?

Perhaps what you need to change is not just your air filter but the entirety of your old car itself. That’s the best solution if it’s giving you nothing but trouble and draining your finances no end with its costly repairs. Just save some money and buy a new car.

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