Hospital-Friendly Children’s Toys

Hospital Stays Can Be Difficult for Children

Getting hospitalized is the last thing we want our children to experience. However, when the situation calls for it, we don’t have a choice but to have them admitted to the hospital so that they can receive the treatment they urgently need. A word of warning: Hospital stays, especially long ones, can get extremely boring or uncomfortable for most kids.

If your child is feeling anxious and uncomfortable at the thought of staying at the hospital, you’ll need to come up with ideas to make the process easier and tolerable for them. You’ll also need to keep them distracted during their treatment periods, especially if some procedures involve needles.

Hospital stays can be disruptive to children. They need to be able to do something familiar to be able to adapt to their new environment.

Playing is one way for children to reconnect to their home life. When they play, they’re happy, and when they’re happy, they’re most likely to recover from their ailment more quickly.

Fortunately, you can help make this happen by allowing them to play with hospital-friendly toys that could bring them some comfort and help them cope with hospital stays.


Appropriate Hospital Toys for Different Age Groups

Toys provide comfort to hospitalized children because they keep them distracted and help them pass the time. To give you an idea about the hospital-friendly children’s toys that we’re talking about, Kids Car Donations has compiled this list for you:

1. Creative crafts

Since most children get bored easily, it’s easy for parents to run out of ideas to keep things fun and exciting for their little ones. If you want to keep your child entertained and busy for long hours, let them try their hand at creative crafts. Aside from the fact that these toys can greatly enhance your child’s focus and concentration, they also provide your little one with a sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment each time a task is completed.

2. Blocks

Blocks are perfect for preschoolers and toddlers alike. It’s a great way to exercise your child’s motor skills while keeping them entertained for long periods. Blocks are also good for preschoolers since they can improve their imagination as their minds are constantly at work trying to come up with ways to make anything out of the blocks.

3. Stuffed toys

Stuffed toys provide familiarity to pediatric patients. When they’re with their favorite stuffed animal, it helps ease the tension of their hospital stay. It can also be used as a distraction during invasive procedures such as IV insertion, blood drawing, or shots.

4. Puzzles

Puzzles can help keep children’s minds occupied during times when their physical activities are limited. While puzzles keep your child busy, they can also help improve their mental abilities, which include logical reasoning.

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