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Are Car Donations Tax Deductible?

Are Car Donations Tax Deductible? So, after careful consideration, you’ve finally made the decision to let go of your old automobile and donate it to a charity. Then, like many other would-be donors, you might have found yourself asking the question: “Is donating a car tax deductible?” Well, we’re happy to tell you that your …

Computing Taxes this Tax Day | Kids Car Donations

Get All Of Your Documents Ready For April 15th – Tax Day!

Get All of Your Documents Ready for April 15th – Tax Day! Before Tax Day comes, you need to prepare and submit every required document so that you can smoothly go through the process of paying your taxes and claiming your tax deduction from the previous year. Although most people may feel overwhelmed by the …

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How To Get Tax Deductions Through Charitable Giving

How to Get Tax Deductions through Charitable Giving Did you know that charitable giving could qualify you for tax deductions? The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows you to claim a tax deduction if you have donated to a charity in the previous year. In other words, your act of generosity will not only benefit the …