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Looking for the Best Way to Dispose of Your Worn-Out Farm Tools?

Best Way to Dispose of Your Worn-Out Farm Tools | Kids Car Donations
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The machinery required to keep our farms running smoothly often comes with hefty price tags. For this reason, many farmers find equipment maintenance costly. They continually come to grips with the high costs of repairs and replacement parts and the time and labor required to keep everything in working order.

Farm equipment includes tractors, combine or harvester, ATVs or UTVs, tractor attachments, plows, harrows, fertilizer spreaders, seeders, balers, and wagons or trailers. These tools are essential if agriculture is your main source of income.

However, it might be time to retire some of them if they’re already become worn out or defective. Instead of storing them in the barn or your garage, where they’ll just take up space and collect dust, you might want to donate such farm equipment to us at Kids Car Donations.

Donating your farm equipment to us not only means that you get to rid yourself of old farm tools that no longer work. Your donation will also allow you to contribute to improving the lives of needy children in your local area, particularly those who are facing physical, emotional, and mental challenges.


Who We Are and What We Do

As the online vehicle donation platform for reputable IRS-certified 501(c)(3) children’s nonprofit organizations, Kids Car Donations provides a simple and convenient way to donate your farm equipment to charities. Our team handles the entire donation process, from collecting your donated equipment to selling it and then using the proceeds to help our charity partners provide support to needy children in your community who urgently need medical assistance.


Your Farm Equipment Donation Means Everything to the Children We Serve

Your farm equipment donation has the power to make a real difference in the lives of ailing youngsters in your community. Whether you’re donating a tractor or a harvester or a wagon, your gift will help our charity partners in providing medical assistance to more youngsters who are suffering from serious illnesses, disabilities, or injuries. Thanks to your donation, our nonprofit partners will be able to provide pediatric services that address the unique needs of each of their young beneficiaries. These services include providing free treatments and therapies to needy young patients, saving the lives of those who are critically ill and alleviating the pain as well as improving the quality of life of those confined in hospitals.

While your contribution may seem small, it means everything to the children we serve.


What’s In It for You?

You might be torn between selling your old farm equipment or donating it to the needy. We understand. Deciding what to do with your old farm tools may seem hard. However, if you choose to use such equipment to make a charitable contribution to us, know that you’ll get valuable rewards from doing so that you wouldn’t get by selling such tools.

Here are the biggest benefits of donating your farm equipment to Kids Car Donations:

  1. You’ll get a huge tax break.

Who wouldn’t want to receive a healthy tax write-off? Since we work with IRS-determined 501(c)(3) nonprofits, your donated farm equipment will be 100% tax-deductible. You can count on us to try our best to sell your tractor or whatever farm machinery you’re donating at its highest possible price. This way, you can claim the highest possible tax deduction on or before Tax Day next year.

  1. We’ll pick up your farm equipment for free.

Donating to us means not having to pay for towing — we’ve got this covered. Also, you’ll get to choose the date, time, and location for your farm machinery’s free pickup. Since we operate our donation program in all 50 states, we can pick up your machinery and haul it away no matter where you’re keeping it.

  1. You won’t have to do any heavy lifting.

After you call and give us the go signal to pick up your donation, we’ll handle everything from paperwork to transporting your farm equipment to our nearest facility.

  1. You get to keep your money.

Think if all the money you’ll save once you quit paying for the maintenance and repair of farm tools that are no longer useful to you.

  1. You’ll free up your garage or barn space.

Donating your farm equipment to us means freeing up space in your garage or barn. You can then use the space to store a new piece of equipment.

  1. Save the environment.

Giving your equipment to charity is also a way to help the environment. Recycling old farm machinery helps preserve natural resources. Plus, older tractors and other farm tools aren’t exactly environmentally friendly, and donating them means reducing environmental pollution.

  1. You’ll experience the joy of giving.

Nothing compares to the priceless joy of knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of hurting boys and girls in your community. With your help, they can access various healthcare services and get the support and resources they desperately need.


How to Make a Farm Equipment Donation

We pride ourselves in creating a streamlined donation process that guarantees our donors a pleasant giving experience. Here’s a sneak peek at how you can make your farm equipment donation to us:

  1. Contact us.

Call us at 866-634-8395 to donate your farm equipment. A second option is to fill out our donation form here. Expect us to call you back as soon as possible after we verify your details and the information about your farm machinery.

  1. We’ll schedule your FREE farm equipment removal.

As soon as you give us the green light, we’ll have a licensed tow truck sent over to your farm to haul off all the equipment that you want to dispose of.

  1. We’ll mail you your donation’s tax-deductible sales receipt.

After selling your gift in one of the best auction houses within our network, we’ll mail you its 100% tax-deductible sales receipt.

Aside from farm equipment, Kids Car Donations also accepts many other types of vehicles for donation. So, if you have a car or a truck, or any other vehicle that you also want to dispose of, feel free to donate it to us. Head over to this page to see the different types of vehicles we’ve been getting from our donors.

Got any questions for us? Leave them here or give us a call anytime through our toll-free hotline at 866-634-8395. You might also want to check out our FAQs page to learn more about our vehicle donation program.

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Give Your Unwanted Farm Equipment a Worthy Purpose Today!

There’s no better way to dispose of your no-longer-needed farm equipment than by using it to serve a worthy purpose. Donating it to us will help the ailing kids in your community in more ways than one. Call Kids Car Donations at 866-634-8395 or fill out our secure online donation form now!

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