6 Signs You Should Finally Retire Your Clunker

Is It Time to Bid Farewell to Your Old Friend?

Letting go of a vehicle that’s been with you for many years can be emotional. Think about all the places it has taken you. Whether you’re reminiscing about family road trips or how your children grew up in that vehicle, you can’t deny the fact that your decades old car has played a crucial role in your life.

For many, our cars hold a special place in our hearts. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

As with any other possession, cars have their own expiration date, eventually dying as years pass by. No matter how much effort you’ve given to maintain it, no matter how many times you’ve visited the auto shop, and how much cash you’ve poured into it, there still come a time when you need to part ways with your vehicle.

If you have a strong feeling that your old beater’s finally giving up on you, we suggest donating your old vehicle to Kids Car Donations. The points below just might help you decide.

Ongoing Engine Issues.

Heart is to humans, as engine is to vehicles. If your car’s engine starts to show symptoms of slowing down or malfunctioning, it might be more economical to just get rid of the vehicle. Installing a new engine on your old car will do more damage than good to your wallet.

Domino of Parts Needing Replacing.

After a number of years, certain parts will eventually need replacing. Once that starts happening, expect many of the other parts or systems to do the same in the following months. While it’s not uncommon for items like a flat tire or a dead battery to need to be replaced, encountering many issues on a regular basis should serve a warning sign – one that tells you that your car’s nearing the end.

Constant Wallet Drain.

The older our cars get, the more TLC they need, and that can hurt our wallets as much as it can add to our inconveniences. Tally the costs of repairs your car’s had in the past few years to determine if it’s worth it. If it isn’t, you know what to do!

No Longer Safe.

How are the critical safety features doing on your vehicle? When’s the last time the brakes were replaced? How is the steering system? The electrical?Are the airbags still in place? If your car is not up to par on one or more of its essential safety equipment, it may be time to get a new vehicle and let go of your old one.


Rust Is Everywhere.

Are you finding more and more rust on your vehicle? Just like a virus, rust can easily spread throughout the entirety of your vehicle. If you didn’t stop the rust when you first found it, it can eat away your vehicle on patch at a time. Waiting too long to address rust, can incur huge auto body repair costs – so much so that it might make more financial sense just to buy a new one.

Poor Gas Mileage.

Compared to new and modern vehicles on the market, our old vehicles are woefully inefficient when it comes to gas mileage. If you drive quite a lot for work or family reasons, those constant trips to the gas station can take their toll on your bank account. Why not go for one of those newer, more gas friendly models and save some cash?

Ready to Let Go?

Red Coupe on Flatbed Trailer | Kids Car Donations
Photo by Mike B under Pexels License

So, what do you think? Do you see yourself in any of the warning signs above? If that’s the case, we highly suggest you donate your vehicle to Kids Car Donations!

Not only will you receive a free tow, but your car donation will help thousands of suffering kids and teens in the United States! And guess what? You’ll have a huge tax deduction waiting for you!

If you’re interested, get in touch with us today at (866) 634-8395 or fill out the online donation form here!

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